What is HRMS – A Beginners Guide to Human Resource Management System

In today’s working style, the majority of employees are expected to work remotely because of the ongoing pandemic.  Human resource (HR) departments are increasingly working on automating and optimizing the various HR processes using the HRMS. So, in this article on What is HRMS, let us understand the basics of HRMS  and how HR teams are leveraging employee satisfaction using this system. So, in this article, let us go through the following points in detail:Human Resource Management System - What is HRMS - Oorwin


What is HRMS?

HRMS or Human Resource Management Systems typically manages, integrates, automates, and optimizes the HR processes for an organization. An HRMS can perform a variety of functions such as onboarding of an employee, exit management, attendance management, payroll management, etc. It is also the database of all the employee and organizational records, thus making it easily accessible.  Once you start using HRMS, you will get access to everything included in HRIS, HCM along with the payroll system and a few tools to fine-tune the processes. Next, in this article on what is HRMS, let us understand the benefits that any human resource management system should offer. 

Benefits of Human Resource Management

Now, let me take you through the advantages, human resource management offers to streamline and refine the entire HR process. Please refer to the following points:

  • Provides better communication across the organization
  • Reduces cost to carry out recurrent tasks
  • Reduce administrative burden on updating the employee details
  • Provide proper reports and insights for employee performance
  • Automates the onboarding, exit processes, etc.
  • Generates automatic pay slips and maintains salary data
  • Maintains the record of performance appraisals
  • Ensures employees adhere to company policies
  • Streamlines the organization and reporting structure and many more

Moving forward in this article on what is HRMS,  let us understand the differences between HRMS, HCM, and HRIS.


Human Resource Management System Human Capital Management Human Resource Information System
Is a complete package of HR operations and aims to handle tasks such as employee onboarding, payroll, attendance management, etc. Typically provides tools for talent acquisition, talent management, and talent organization to provide ways to better manage HR actions.  Is software or an online platform that helps to manage most human resources operations of a company, with a focus on people, procedures, and policies.

If you wish to know more about the differences between HRM, HCM, and HRIS, you can refer to this article on HRM vs HCM vs HRIS. Now, that you know what is a human resource management system, let me take you through what does Oorwin’s HRMS offer.


Oorwin HRMS

Oorwin’s HRMS offers you all the above-mentioned features and much more to give your HR teams an added advantage to streamline the processes.  Some highlights of Oorwin’s Human Resource Management System are:

  • Increases employee engagement
  • Manage and allocate assignments over a single-window with automated reminders, real-time tracking, and easy task generation
  • Aims to build a positive workspace culture
  • Organize all your document in one place with our dynamic folder management with automated expiry reminders for compliance
  • Automate the finance operations and invoicing methods based on the countries.
  • Improve productivity with modern time cards, timesheet reminders, exportable reports, and built-in OCR to scan invoices
  • Digitalizes the processes from employee onboarding to project completion

Oorwin HRMS - What is HRMS - Oorwin


So, if you are interested to know more about Oorwin’s HRM, take a product tour today or contact us on +91-8977801805 / USA: +1877-766-7946 to talk to our product advisors.

Oorwin’s ATS integration with Naukri: Boost Your Recruitment Strategy

With the increase in the number of active job seekers on a daily basis, the need for automated quick ways of hiring has increased profusely. Job boards are the go-to market strategy of every candidate and Naukri is one of the most popular job boards in today’s market. However, the recruiters often have to switch between their ATS and Naukri to fetch the candidate profiles. So, what if, your ATS integration with Naukri was successful and you didn’t have to switch between both of them?

To resolve this issue, Oorwin is proud to announce a partnership with Naukri—India’s largest job board with over 75K+ jobs listed.

In, this article on Oorwin’s ATS Integration with Naukri will talk about how you can combine the power of Naukri’s rich candidate database with Oorwin’s AI-powered candidate search algorithms to find the right talent for your organizations at ease.  The following topics would be covered in this article:

Oorwin Naukri - - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

Oorwin’s integration with Naukri gives you immediate access to 10,000+ jobs in 19+ countries and many active job seekers with whom you can engage, in an easy and quick manner. So, let us move forward with this article and understand how to set up Oorwin’s ATS with Naukri.


Setup Oorwin ATS with Naukri

To setup Naukri on Oorwin ATS, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Marketplace icon on the left navigation bar -> Uncheck All -> Select Job Boards -> Click on the 3 dots near Naukri’s logo -> Click on Configure.

Naukri Integration - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

  • Click on the Accounts tab and then click on Add Account. Refer below:

Add Account - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

  • Now, enter your Naukri account credentials and subscription details, click on Save, and you’re good to go! 

Give Credentials - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

Once you have added your Naukri account to Oorwin, you can then add the users that you want to be able to allot credits to recruiters for a job posting and replenish the credits daily, weekly, or monthly. Next, in this article on  Oorwin ATS integration with Naukri, let us look into the features you will get with Naukri added to your Oorwin account.


Oorwin ATS integration with Naukri Features

The following are the features you will get access to, on integrating Oorwin ATS with Naukri.

Publishing Jobs

You will be able to publish the jobs in Naukri directly from Oorwin’s portal just like any other job portal integration in our system.  You will also be able to see the details of the job posting from the jobs board’s dashboard.

Refreshing Jobs

You will be able to refresh the jobs in the Naukri portal to update the “Last Updated Date and time” with a single click of a button from the portal.

Deleting Jobs

You will be able to delete the published jobs with a single click of a button from the jobs page in Oorwin and from the published jobs dashboard to the Naukri portal.

Candidates Resume

You can automatically pull out the resumes of the candidates who applied in Naukri into Oorwin for the specific jobs that are published from Oorwin.


Publish jobs in Naukri

Publishing jobs on Naukri has never been easier. Oorwin lets you publish jobs directly on Naukri with just a single click. Let us see how you can achieve the same:

  • To publish a job you have to create a Job and then click on Publish in the jobs module. Once you click on Publish, you will see Naukri’s logo.
  • Click on the radio button of Naukri and click on Publish.

Jobs Publish - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

Note: To post jobs on Naukri, kindly mention the skills, location, work experience, UG course, and role details so as to successfully parse the job details.


Refresh and Delete jobs

To refresh a job you can click on the arrow mark on the right-hand side of Naukri’s logo. Similarly to delete a job, you can click on the Unpublish button as shown below.

Refresh and Delete Jobs - Feature Image of Oorwin ATReresh and Delete Jobs - Oorwin ATS Integration with Naukri - Oorwin

With this, we come to an end to this article on Oorwin’s ATS integration with Naukri. So, if you are interested to know more about Oorwin’s ATS, take a product tour today or contact us on +91-8977801805 / USA: +1877-766-7946 to talk to our product advisors.

What is an ATS: Introductory Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

In today’s fast-paced world, it is paramount to hire the right candidates in the least amount of time. This requires companies to implement an effective applicant tracking system (ATS to ensure recruiters can meet the hiring expectations. But for many, the question arises – What is an ATS?

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a solution that allows you to automate the complete recruitment process of your company. It enables recruiters and hiring managers to identify, attract, engage and hire qualified candidates. A few of the functionalities of an innovative Applicant Tracking System are:

  • Simplified job posting
  • Applicant data management
  • AI powered candidate sourcing and screening
  • Interview management
  • Analysis and reporting capabilities

How does an ATS work?

Applicant Tracking Systems streamline the recruitment process right from automated job posting on the job boards to finally making sure the right candidate is hired. At a high level, the process of utilizing an ATS can be seen in the image below.

How Does ATS Work - What is ATS - Oorwin


The Top Benefits of an ATS

The most well-known benefit of an ATS is that it allows you to streamline and refine the entire recruitment process. In addition to this, the right ATS will also provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce the time to hireApplicant Tracking System - What is ATS - Oorwin
  • Increase collaboration between recruitment and candidates
  • Provide actionable insights and reports
  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Facilitate 3rd party app integrations
  • Provide robust resume storage
  • Streamline process to provide assessments, reviews, and schedule interviews
  • Post jobs on various job boards
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Improve employer branding

Discover Oorwin’s Applicant Tracking System

Oorwin’s ATS offers you all the above-mentioned features and much more with a touch of AI, to give your recruiters a huge leg-up in finding the right candidates. Some highlights of Oorwin’s Applicant Tracking System include: