Join an organization that invests in your growth

Welcome to Oorwin

At Oorwin, our people are the most important part of our continued success in emerging
as an industry leader. We bring together the brightest minds to create best-in-class
solutions for our clients. We thrive on the diversity of our people and strive to create an
inclusive environment that offers the best opportunities for all employees.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits. However, the best part is that you will work
alongside smart, focused, and fun colleagues who will continue to inspire you.
We look forward to having you join the team!

Life at Oorwin

Team Testimonials

Shanmukha Rao

“I couldn’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to work with some of the most dedicated, hardworking and innovative people at Oorwin. I have always received unfettered support from my manager and team leads right from the day I joined. If you want to work with an organization that invests in your learning and growth, Oorwin is the place to be.”

– Shanmukha Rao G

Product Validation Engineer
Aparna Tumu

“Oorwin offers a great opportunity to be part of a team that never hesitates to take new, uncharted paths and face new challenges with gusto. Top that off with rockstar teammates who always stand as one and are willing to go to any extreme to deliver excellence.”

– Aparna Tumu

Senior Product Engineer II

“At Oorwin, each day brings an exciting new adventure. I feel pumped just seeing the energy of my colleagues who inspire and motivate every step of the way. Oorwin is a thriving and vibrant organization and also a great place to learn. I am delighted to be a part of Team Oorwin.”

– Shilpa Sivadatti

Strategic Account Manager
Sudhakar Goli

“Working at Oorwin has been a wonderful and enriching experience. In the last few years, I have grown as a professional and also as an individual. It is hard to find a place where high-level management sits beside you and guides you through difficulties, but this is a very common scene at Oorwin. Oorwin is all about making work fun and maintaining a healthy work-life balance to create a good synergy between work culture and productivity.”

– Sudhakar Goli

Manager Product Validation
Laxmi Prasanna

“I began my professional journey at Oorwin and I feel I couldn’t have asked for a better start. I am surrounded by people who work with unmatched dedication and joy, and I find that I am continuously challenged to help me grow personally and professionally. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such a talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic team.”

– Lakshmi Prasanna T

Product Validation Engineer II

6 reasons to grow your career with us

Flexible work hours
Our flexible work schedule allows employees to deliver quality products while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
Positive work culture
Our dynamic work culture encourages collaboration and learning while keeping employees motivated and engaged.
Paid time off
We have a generous leave policy to make sure employees get to spend time with their families, pursue their passions, or go on vacations.
Other perks
Unmatched growth opportunities, health insurance, passionate team members, and a whole lot of fun.
Diversity and inclusion
Oorwin fully embraces the diversity of its workforce, and strives to create an environment that maximizes the potential of all employees by valuing diversity and inclusion.
Equal opportunity employer
Oorwin is an equal opportunity employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.

Message from Leadership

Venkat Kolli

“Oorwin offers the most fertile environment for budding talent, and a diverse and dynamic setting for the professional growth of its workers. We place immeasurable value in our workers and are proud of the team we have brought together.”

– Venkat Kolli

Swami Kakarla

“I believe the growth of any organization is synchronous with the growth of its employees. We want Oorwin to be a place where people find new opportunities to grow both as professionals and as human beings.”

– Swami Kakarla

Ravi Daparthi

“Oorwin in Afrikaans means to ‘conquer, overcome’, and the name really goes to the heart of who we are as an organization. I strongly believe we can overcome all adversities and achieve growth if we work together as a team. Oorwin believes in giving its employees plenty of opportunities to excel and guiding them on their path to success.”

– Ravi Daparthi