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Help your team with easy visual representations of dashboards across the recruitment journey. Create and trigger custom reports for team updates and performance status
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Save the manual effort of going through thousands of resumes by sourcing the right candidates across all your job boards at the click of a button
Instant job finder
Quickly identify new opportunities for resource pool employees before they hit the bench by run automated job searches for specific skills

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“Oorwin’s candidate match is quite accurate. Our time to hire has reduced by almost 50% .”

– Vardhan

Associate Director
Yochana IT Solutions Inc
Sreekar Reddy

“Fantastic experience with Oorwin. All the integrations and data migrations were hasslefree. As Oorwin promised, we started operating at our maximum efficiency within a week.”

– Sreekar Reddy

Director - Offshore Operations & Talent Development
Paramount Software Solutions, Inc

“What we love about the platform is it helps us stay on the same page, unifying all the business verticals.”


VP - Human Resources
Softcom Systems, Inc

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