Simpler, Faster and Smarter Recruiting Solution Oorwin talent management platform is fully AI-enabled to allow source high quality candidates fast, manage global recruiting teams, high candidate experience & seamless digital onboarding

Talent Management

Reduce Time-to-Hire and Decrease Costs

Rank candidates automatically through advanced AI, meet candidates faster without missing key talent and experience the next revolution in activity management -- automatic tagging, sorting, and self-serve features

Build A Robust Database

No more downloading profiles one by one. One-click brings in resumes from everywhere. Then, it creates candidate profiles instantly and matches candidates with perfect positions

Stay Connected for Future Opportunities

Oorwin AI even tells you if past candidates are good fits for new openings, reducing acquisition and recruiting costs

Talent Management Platform

Source Quality Hires with AI Candidate Matching and Ranking

Enterprise Grade Resume Database

Manage resumes from multiple sources with Enterprise-grade tools & plugins.

Accounts & Contacts Management

Effectively Manage accounts & contacts and diligently track and engage with prospects.

AI - Candidate Matching & Ranking

Get your best fit with intelligent and automatic ranking engine reducing time-to-hire.

Resume Harvesting

Locate qualified candidates from various job boards and automate talent pipelining.

Integrated Bulk Mails & Texting

Real-time sending and tracking text messages and bulk emails within the portal.

Job Boards & VMS Integrations

Publish jobs in various job boards with a click. Automate job orders with VMS integrations.

Extensive Dashboards & Reporting

Make informed forecasting with real-time reports and insights

Digital Onboarding

Deliver great candidate experience with digital signatures and custom e-Forms

Talent management to manage Global Workforce

Intelligent Resume & JD Parser

Intelligent Resume and Job Order Parser reduces the laborious manual efforts of capturing the resumes from multiple sources. Oorwin custom Resume analysis make the resume review hassle-free.

AI Candidate Search and Match

Oorwin's Semantic Candidate Searching and Matching helps discover, engage and hire unique talent from multiple sources in little time.

AI Candidate Ranking

Automate the candidate screening process with AI-powered Candidate Ranking algorithms and shift your focus to candidate engagement.

Job Boards and VMS Integrations

Job Boards and VMS Integrations
Integrate with Popular Job Boards

Post jobs on various job boards with a click of a button and start receiving resumes directly to your internal candidate pool

Seamless VMS systems integration

Oorwin transforms complex, multi-level, and multi-site recruitment process to a simpler, harmonized, and straightforward process with VMS integration

“Magic of Hiring” with Oorwin Plugins

Recruiters can seamlessly perform
  • Integrate your favorite mailboxes - Gmail, Outlook, Office 365- into the Oorwin dashboard

  • Ability to manage the entire recruitment life cycle from the mailboxes with intuitive plugins

  • Branded custom mail templates available for communication

  • Real-time tracking of mails to manage the communication channel from the dashboard itself

  • Managing the resumes and documents directly from the mailbox with Oorwin integrated plugins

Personalized Platform - Customize Your Recruitment Process
The Way You Like!

Branded Career Portal

Create own career site to promote jobs quickly. Helps to extend your candidate reach.

Social Sourcing

Post Jobs directly into LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media seamlessly.

Smart Recruitment Analytics

Get easy to interpret hiring reports & analytics that are ideal to make informed decisions.

Personalized Platform
Custom Forms & Workflows

Get end-to-end recruitment process customization Create workflows that best match your business.

Promotional Hot Lists

Publish your most matched jobs directly from your favorite mailboxes of Outlook, Gmail, or Office 365.

Privileges and Access Controls

Manage user account options intuitively and provide need-based access permissions.