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What is ATS – An Introductory Guide to Applicant Tracking System

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In today’s fast paced world, it is paramount to hire the right candidates in the least time. This requires the recruiters to choose the right ATS for their organizations to meet the expectations. But the question arises on what is an ATS, what can it offer and how do recruiters choose the right one. So, in this article, let us go through the following points in detail:


What is ATS?

An ATS or an Applicant Tracking System is a software that helps automate the complete recruitment process of the company. It helps the recruiters, hiring managers identify suitable candidates, attract them, reach out to them for further tasks and finally hire the best candidate for the position. Few of the functionalities of an Applicant Tracking System are listed below:

ATS - What is ATS - Oorwin

  • Post jobs
  • Store applicant data
  • Screen Candidates
  • Provide Assessments
  • Provide data insights and many more


How does ATS work?

Applicant Tracking Systems streamline the recruitment process right from automated job posting in the job boards to finally making sure the right candidate is hired. At a high level, the steps included in working of ATS are as follows:

  •  Posting jobs in job boards
  • Job seekers apply for jobs
  • The applicant tracking system parses the resumes into various categories
  • ATS scans the resumes based on few keywords set, to determine if the application has to be passed to the recruiters
  • Categorizes the candidates into probable matches and unqualified applicants
  • The qualified candidates information is fetched and stored in the database to contact further
  • Required assessments are passed to the candidates (if applicable)
  • Interviews are conducted
  • Applicant is hired for the position

How Does ATS Work - What is ATS - Oorwin


Well, there are many more sub-steps included in an ATS, to deliver a seamless experience to the recruiters and hiring managers. So, next in this article let us understand the benefits an Applicant Tracking System.


Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

Now, let me take you through the advantages, an applicant tracking system offers to streamline and refine the entire recruitment process. Please refer to the following points:

  • Reduces the time to hireApplicant Tracking System - What is ATS - Oorwin
  • Increases collaboration between recruitment and candidates
  • Provides actionable insights and reports
  • Improves the quality of hire
  • Facilitates 3rd party app integrations
  • Robust resume storage
  • Streamlines process to provide assessments, reviews and schedule interviews
  • Post jobs on various job boards
  • Reduces hiring costs
  • Improve employer branding

If you wish to know more benefits of ATS, you can refer to this article on the advantages of Applicant Tracking System.

Now, that you know what is an applicant tracking system, let me take you through what does Oorwin’s ATS offers.

Oorwin ATS

Oorwin’s ATS offers you all the above mentioned features and much more with a touch of AI, to give your recruiters a huge leg-up in finding the right candidates. Some highlights of Oorwin’s Applicant Tracking System:

  • AI-enabled candidate search and mapping
  • Single-click adding and sharing of jobs
  • 3rd party job boards integrations such as, Dice, Career Jet etc.
  • Assessment tools integrations such as HackerEarth, Adaface etc
  • Job Grabber to automate job search for resource pool and bench candidates
  • Quick Resume Harvesting
  • AI-based insights on Similar Submissions, Matching Profiles

So, if you are interested to know more about Oorwin’s ATS, take a product tour today or contact us on +91-8977801805 / USA: +1877-766-7946 to talk to our product advisors.