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What is an ATS: Introductory Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

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In today’s fast-paced world, it is paramount to hire the right candidates in the least amount of time. This requires companies to implement an effective applicant tracking system (ATS to ensure recruiters can meet the hiring expectations. But for many, the question arises – What is an ATS?

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a solution that allows you to automate the complete recruitment process of your company. It enables recruiters and hiring managers to identify, attract, engage and hire qualified candidates. A few of the functionalities of an innovative Applicant Tracking System are:

  • Simplified job posting
  • Applicant data management
  • AI powered candidate sourcing and screening
  • Interview management
  • Analysis and reporting capabilities

How does an ATS work?

Applicant Tracking Systems streamline the recruitment process right from automated job posting on the job boards to finally making sure the right candidate is hired. At a high level, the process of utilizing an ATS can be seen in the image below.

How Does ATS Work - What is ATS - Oorwin


The Top Benefits of an ATS

The most well-known benefit of an ATS is that it allows you to streamline and refine the entire recruitment process. In addition to this, the right ATS will also provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce the time to hireApplicant Tracking System - What is ATS - Oorwin
  • Increase collaboration between recruitment and candidates
  • Provide actionable insights and reports
  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Facilitate 3rd party app integrations
  • Provide robust resume storage
  • Streamline process to provide assessments, reviews, and schedule interviews
  • Post jobs on various job boards
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Improve employer branding

Discover Oorwin’s Applicant Tracking System

Oorwin’s ATS offers you all the above-mentioned features and much more with a touch of AI, to give your recruiters a huge leg-up in finding the right candidates. Some highlights of Oorwin’s Applicant Tracking System include: