Top 5 Blogs for Staffing Professionals

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Staffing industry experts agree the recruitment scene is undergoing a significant change with the new technology impacting the way recruiters source, hire, onboard, and manage candidates. The only way to stay updated is by participating in a lively discussion happening across the staffing ecosystem. But, when you have limited time on your hands, it’s hard to scour the internet for relevant, refreshing content in your sphere. Let us look into the top 5 blogs for staffing professionals.

Top 5 Blogs for Staffing Professionals

That’s why we bring you the best five blogs every staffing professional should follow.

1. Undercover Recruiter:

The Undercover Recruiter, a leading career and recruitment blog in Europe, draws in readers with its insightful and trending content bucketed into talent acquisition, employer branding, and the workplace categories. The articles, which are easy-to-read and visually appealing, cater to a diverse audience – job seekers, recruiters, and employers. You can look forward to a new post every day too!

And the Undercover Recruiter website also takes you to amazing 20-minute employer branding podcasts from the best in the industry, case studies, and an employer brand index – all definite must-visits from Link Humans. Sign up for the Undercover Recruiter newsletter, and you’ll see why we have given it the top spot on our list.

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The posts from The Undercover Recruiter that we liked:

2. Unlocked:

Unlocked advertises itself as “the office management blog” and they deliver exactly that. The blogs follow distinct storytelling focused on various business functionalities catering to the recruiters, HRs, and senior management.

The blog has three sections — people operations, office operations, and management tools. You can find topics covering everything related to employee communication, engagement, and hiring, onboarding, development,  candidate engagement, and office management. Their insightful guides help you better manage everything, from boosting the productivity of a remote team to ensuring physical security at the workplace.

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Resources that we liked in Unlocked:

3. Oorwin:

As the provider of an integrated platform made for staffing and consulting firms, the Oorwin blog is the best option for staffing professionals to gain industry insights, get familiar with new trends, and find out about upcoming technologies. 

The Oorwin platform provides end-to-end resources to streamline your sales, recruitment, and human resource function. Naturally, the blogs cater to the problems faced by these professionals and how to overcome them. The blog is not only rich with interesting articles on innovative technologies but also strategic solutions aimed at the growth of a staffing business. Even though the product is only a couple of year old, the people behind it have wide experience in the field and the same reflects in the blog. Their tips are really relatable and can be easily implemented to get the desired outcome.

The Oorwin blog has been identified as one of the top HR blogs by Feedspot. 

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Here are some of the most popular blogs on Oorwin:

Moving forward in this blogs for Staffing Professionals, let us look into The Staffing Stream.

4. The Staffing Stream: 

The Staffing Stream is the official blog maintained by the Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA). SIA has been acting as the global advisor for all staffing and consulting business since the late 1980s. The blog offers an in-depth analysis of temporary staffing, contracting, and other issues faced by staffing firms, recruiters, and outsourcers. 

The blog is a great tool for all those professionals to take business decisions related to hiring, expansion, technology integration, or overall workforce management. As the pioneers of the staffing industry, they are at the forefront of issues, challenges, and opportunities popping up throughout the world. By following The Staffing Stream, you can stay updated on any technical and administrative changes happening in the industry. They have devoted a whole segment directed to help staffing firms and other IT professional businesses cope up with the current developing situation associated with COVID 19. 

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5. TLNT:

TLNT blog is managed by ERE media, which claims to be an online gathering place for recruiters to network, learn, and share best practices. The content is filled with news, analysis, and reports relevant for the staffing industry professionals. 

Additionally, with informative webinars on every Wednesday and Thursday, TLNT is the go-to platform for recruiters around the world. ERE media also offers a library of free educational courses to anyone interested in learning more about sourcing, hiring, and managing talent. With a popular guest forum, they feature astute write-ups by prominent HR professionals and staffing stalwarts.

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Posts we liked to read from TLNT:

When it comes to talent management and recruitment, you must develop business strategies in accordance with your employees and clients. However, all of these blogs offer something unique and are great to strengthen your knowledge base. 

Tell us in comments what you think of these blogs. And let us know if we’ve missed any must-follows. 

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