3 Ways Automation Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

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Manoj Vemula

Hiring strategies have evolved at breakneck speed. Especially as candidate sourcing has moved beyond conventional job boards and recruiters are turning to automated hiring tools, like those found in applicant tracking systems or customer relationship management platforms. These automated systems are enhancing hiring processes around the world. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, ATS and CRMs can automate tedious hiring processes to expedite faster than ever before. But these technologies are still quite new to many industries. A deeper dive is required in order to reap the benefits of these innovative platforms and programs. This blog will break down the nuances of hiring automation, and the different ways it can benefit hiring teams and candidates alike. 

3 Ways to Streamline Your Hiring Process with Automation

Hiring automation is transforming the way businesses and recruiters find, attract, and hire talent. By streamlining the various aspects of the hiring workflow, hiring automation can greatly enhance human capabilities and save considerable time along the way. Automation expedites time to hire and gets the most qualfied candidates matched quickly with available roles. Ready to learn more? Here are three important hiring processes that benefit the most from automation: 

1. Applicant Resume Screening

Manual screening of applications is the most time-consuming step in the hiring process. Especially since around 88% of the applications received for a job are irrelevant. This leads to recruiters or hiring managers spending almost 23 hours, on average, screening applications for a single role. But AI-powered smart screening tools, like digital resume screening, can automate the entire screening process.  

Developed to successfully integrate with Applicant Tracking System (ATS), this software learns the job requirements and what qualified or eligible candidates look like based on previous hiring actions and decisions. Using the employee data on tenure and performance, the automation software analyzes which candidates will be the most successful employees. Smart screening software uses keyword parsing and predictive analysis to learn about the experience of the employees, their skills, and qualifications, to screen, rank, and select the new candidates automatically. 

2. Candidate Pre-Qualification Processes

Filtering through hundreds of resumes and job applications is no easy task. This is where automation becomes incredibly handy in simplifying your hiring process. Automating pre-qualification processes saves hiring managers valuable time and energy by sifting through application questions and expediting candidate shortlists. 

In the same vein, automated communication tools, like chatbots, enable hiring managers to provide pre-qualifying questions, next-step suggestions, and valuable feedback at an incredibly expedited rate. These tools help managers work more effectively during the pre-qualification stage of the hiring process. Streamlined pre-qualification communication also considerably improves the candidate experience, which increases the chance that the candidate will accept the offer. 

3. Interview analysis

Hiring automation tools help managers conduct interviews anytime, anywhere. Digitized interview tools record interviews and evaluate the factors like words used, facial expressions, gestures, and speech patterns to determine how well an applicant may fit a specific role. Automation also improves the hiring process by offering data points on how well the potential candidate fits the company culture. This inevitably increases the likelihood that the right candidate will be selected.

The Bottom Line: Automation Enhances Your Hiring Process

As the desire for automated processes increases, the role of the hiring managers is going to change. By reducing the job-closing time and enhancing the quality of hires, hiring automation technology will encourage hiring managers to be more strategic in their workplace planning. 

Automated tools give an edge to hiring managers and solve the industry’s biggest hiring challenges. Hiring managers should make it a priority to learn as much as possible about these innovative systems. We can help. Contact us today to learn how these hiring automation tools can benefit your team today. 

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