Improve Your Recruiting Process with AI-Enabled Candidate Sourcing

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The goal for recruiters is to fill open roles with the most qualified talent. However, this involves many time-consuming tasks, with candidate sourcing at the top of the list. AI-enabled candidate sourcing is designed to take those tasks off their hands and elevate them. 

Manual candidate sourcing makes it impossible to check every potential source for top talent. This creates an unfortunate possibility that recruiters will miss out on high-quality candidates. Ultimately, this can impact the quality of hire. 

How AI-Enabled Candidate Sourcing Benefits Your Recruitment Process 

AI aids in creating a more efficient and insightful sourcing process, ensuring that the most qualified candidate is found for each role. It also frees up recruiters to use their time in more strategic, valuable ways. 

What Is AI-enabled Candidate Sourcing? 

AI-enabled sourcing is a technology that streamlines and automates the candidate sourcing process. This technology expands sourcing in ways that a single recruiter would not be able to. This is one of the key benefits of AI in recruitment.

AI technology quickly scans hundreds of databases and profiles  to find the best candidate matches for your open roles. It gathers large sets of valuable data insights along the way,  becoming increasingly intelligent and customized with each search. 

5 Benefits of Leveraging AI-Enabled Candidate Sourcing  

1. Expand Your Internal and External Talent Pool

AI-enabled sourcing contextually evaluates your candidate pool in a more holistic way by looking at factors like previous experiences and skills. These factors are directly and indirectly related to the role. 

The technology will automatically pull candidates from popular job boards and relevant niche websites you may not have even been aware of. The technology will quickly scan the open web to pull a large number of relevant candidates for each role.  

In addition to external sourcing, AI allows you to gain insights about your internal talent pool by quickly reviewing your existing employees using AI-powered matching to:

  • Determine if an existing employee would be a good fit for an open role 
  • Uncover candidates already available in your internal database
  • Uncover candidates with similar skills/experience within your workforce

2. Enable Better Hiring Decisions

Through the use of timely analytics and data-driven insights, your recruiters will make more informed and strategic decisions about sourcing and hiring for specific roles. 

They’ll be able to derive meaning from unstructured data to help guide them. When you couple candidate sourcing and talent analytics, recruiters can quickly looks at massive sets of data to provide contextual insights on things like:

  • Quality of hire 
  • Likelihood of a candidate accepting an offer
  • Related job titles and skills (similar roles may have different titles or use different terms to convey experiences)  
  • Where you are sourcing your best candidates from

3. Reduce Human Bias

Leveraging AI to find and vet candidates will reduce human bias, as it is programmed to ignore things like age, gender, and race. Its sole purpose is to match the best candidate to the role based on the skills and experience required. 

4. Create a More Efficient Recruitment Workflow  

Implementing AI-enabled sourcing helps to create a more efficient workflow across the entire recruitment process. This is the start of  automating and streamlining time-consuming tasks from the day of requisition until the date of hire. 

A more efficient workflow creates a smoother, faster and more effective candidate sourcing process, allowing recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks like engaging and onboarding top talent

As a result, recruiter productivity and effectiveness will improve. This enabled you to fill roles faster with high-quality candidates that will be easier for you to retain.  

5. Reduces Costs 

AI-enabled candidate sourcing alone has the potential to significantly reduce your cost-to-hire by enabling recruiters to make the best use of their time and resources. 

A shorter time-to-fill, time-to-hire, and requiring less staff to complete manual tasks will all reduce your hiring costs and improve employee retention. 


AI-enabled candidate sourcing is just ONE of the many powerful underutilized features of AI in recruitment. Although artificial intelligence is currently a trending topic, there is still some uncertainty due to a lack of knowledge about how it works.

Learn more about how easy and beneficial it is to incorporate AI into your recruitment process to ensure you don’t miss out on hiring top talent for your company by requesting a demo from Oorwin today.  


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