A Guide to Building a Talent Engagement Strategy in 2023

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What is Talent Engagement 

Having a great team can make or break a company. This makes it crucial to have the right talent in the company and build ways to engage and retain this talent. 

Talent engagement is a strategy built by a company to develop meaningful relationships with candidates by interacting with them in a personalized fashion. A good talent engagement strategy helps the audience to learn more about the company through its talent, which allows them to earn goodwill and build a solid employer brand.

Why is Talent Engagement Important?

The right talent engagement strategy can help to reduce the hiring time as well as the cost of hire by recruiting from applicants who are already aware of the company and what it does. 

In this day and age of competition, the employee turnover is huge with stiff competition for talent. Organisations have to think of ways to retain this talent for the long term. Setting up the right talent engagement strategies can help in that as well.

Talent Engagement Strategies to Follow

A talent engagement strategy aims to build relationships with candidates by interacting with them meaningfully and personally. Various methods can be deployed to make the correct talent engagement strategy, such as engagement audit, innovating and leveraging the right tech stack, and building engagement personas, among others.

Set Up An Engagement Audit

 Setting up an engagement audit can help build a good talent engagement strategy. Keeping up with metrics such as open rates and click-through rates on your emails to talent can give valuable insights. Other areas that can be looked at include the pace at which the talent acquisition team responds to candidates, how quickly the follow-up information is provided after application, and feedback given to candidates post interview among others. Audits can be performed on how easy it is to access and apply for open positions in the company via the careers page.

Define Your Personas

For a company, it is important to understand the kinds of personas for its job profiles. These personas are not just simple demographic information but in-depth stories the company can tell about the people who work at their organisation.

Understanding the education levels and background of the audience, their preferences can help in showing what to highlight in your job postings and, along with which channels to use to reach out to the audience

Leverage Technology

Having the correct tech stack and leveraging it properly is crucial to build the right talent engagement strategy. Innovating the tech stack continually and not being stagnant is key to setting up an effective talent management strategy. 

Having an ATS and CRM tool is just not enough these days. The right talent engagement strategy will deploy the ATS tool to enable engagement programs and strategies. The CRM tool, on the other hand, will act as the source for interactions between applicants and recruiters.

Talent Engagement with Oorwin

Oorwin’s AI enabled Talent Recruitment platform has all the features required for keeping a candidate engaged. The AI-enabled platform allows recruiters to draw candidates from a list of profiles, communicate with them with multiple channels such as text, emails and meetings. Furthermore, automation ensures all of this is done in less time, hassle-free so the recruiter can utilise their time on other important tasks. Know more about Oorwin’s AI-enabled platform and how it can aid in your company’s talent engagement strategy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a talent engagement strategy?

A talent engagement strategy is a mechanism that a company builds to form a meaningful relationship with candidates. There can be various methods for  a talent engagement strategy such as using the right technology, engagement audits among others.

How Do You Achieve Talent Engagement?

Talent engagement can be achieved by focusing on building deep and meaningful relationships with candidates. This can be made possible by personalised interactions and is crucial to retain the best talent in a firm. Talent engagement strategies are important to strengthen the employees life cycle in a firm.

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