AI-enabled candidate matching for accurate, lighting-fast recruitment

The biggest pain point that these businesses face today is the accuracy of candidate matches with the jobs. 

Oorwin is all about solving these business challenges by leveraging the latest technologies to deliver growth and profitability.

Our AI-powered candidate matching feature helps recruiters find the best candidates for any given job instantly with the help of state-of-the-art semantic search algorithms.

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Unlike keyword-based vector search algorithms of the yesteryear, Oorwin’s semantic search goes beyond the keywords and uses AI to find the best candidates. 

For instance, if you’re looking for a candidate for the role of a “Java Developer”, legacy keyword search algorithms would just look at profiles that mention “Java Developer” and reject a candidate if the exact keyword doesn’t appear on their resume. This means that a lot of candidates with the requisite skill could be overlooked just because they don’t have the keyword on their resume.

Oorwin’s semantic search can recognize all the keywords associated with “Java Developer” such as “JAVA Consultant” or “J2EE Developer” to make sure that you never overlook a candidate.

Here is how it works.

#ATS #CandidateSearch #Softwares #Hiring #Recruitment #SemanticSearch #AI

Customising Selection Parameters:

  • The recruiter can start by specifying criteria such as experience required, work location etc. for the search
  • The recruiter can then assign weightages to each criteria depending on the importance
  • The criteria and their weightage can be fully customized depending on the job at hand

AI-enabled semantic search

  • The recruiter can then enter the keywords for their requirement to begin the search
  • Oorwin will instantly present the recruiter with a list of the best candidates ranked based on the parameter vectors and the keywords

Swift, single-click candidate submission

  • Once the list is populated, the recruiter can quickly go through the best-ranked candidate profiles on the platform itself
  • They can check the candidate’s work history, notes, past communications, etc before making their final decision
  • The recruiter can then submit the best candidate for the job with just one click

In-app communication

  • The recruiter then immediately inform the candidate through email, SMS or phone right from the platform making the entire recruitment process seamless

With Oorwin, recruiters can save those countless hours they would’ve spent painstakingly going through hundreds of resumes to find the right candidate. This also means that they can now be more productive and make more placements, and contribute to more revenues.  

The AI-powered candidate matching feature can be very handy for the junior recruiters in the team. This can be especially useful in cases where access to profiles on job boards are charged. This search ensures the relevant profiles are accessed.

Oorwin ATS is the quickest and easiest way to increase recruiter productivity and close more deals thereby increasing profitability and making sure you always remain ahead in the game!

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