Staffing Compensation Best Practices for Guaranteed Success


The year 2020 was an unprecedented one for the staffing industry and the transformation it has sparked is likely to become the new normal.

Given the rise of remote work, the changing worker expectations, and the uncertain business climate, staffing businesses need to overhaul their compensation strategy if they want to remain ahead of the curve.

Join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, April 7 to discover how you can structure your compensation plans to increase revenue and maximize profits.


Key takeaways:

  • Emerging compensation trends in staffing
  • Compensation structures for recruiters, sales representatives
  • Branch manager and VP-level commission structure
  • Boosting growth with a better compensation strategy
Tom Kosnik
Founder & President, Visus Group

Tom Kosnik, founder, and president of the Visus Group is one of the staffing industry’s leading experts in organizational design, profitability improvement and work culture transformation. Tom has coached and consulted hundreds of staffing executives throughout North America.

Venkat Kolli
CEO, Oorwin

Venkat manages and oversees strategy, innovation, sales, marketing, finance, and people across the organization. He has been managing large- and medium-sized consulting and staffing services organizations across the US, India, and in other geographies.