Find the right candidate: Recruiter Technical Screening


Are your recruiters struggling to assess the technical skills of a candidate?

Most recruiters would agree that accurately assessing the technical skills of candidates is a tricky process. In this technology-driven business landscape, technical screening becomes even more difficult when recruiters are not familiar with the technical aspects of the jobs they are hiring for.

In our upcoming webinar ‘Accurate/Effective Technical Screening for Recruiters’ or ‘Accurately Assessing Candidates’ Technical Skills’,  we explore the various options recruiters have to assess the technical skills of candidates quickly and accurately. 

Join us on Wednesday, May 5 as we break down advanced technical concepts in an illustrative way so recruiters and account executives can ask knockout questions without a script. We will also discuss how recruiters can ask open-ended questions meant to analyze candidates’ technical skills with detailed examples of what to expect in a solid answer. 

Key takeaways:

  • Quickly breaking down complex technical concepts 
  • Asking open-ended questions for maximum effectiveness
  • Interpreting candidates’ technical responses independently
  • Sample questions that recruiters can start using right away
  • Guidance on what to look out for in candidate responses
Mark Knowlton
CEO & Founder, TechScreen

Mark Knowlton is the CEO and Founder of TechScreen, the world’s only SaaS platform that lets a recruiter conduct, score and document a detailed interview of an IT candidate without needing to know the underlying content. He is a pioneer in doing advanced technical interviews of IT candidates, something he has been doing since the late ‘90s. Knowlton has served as a trusted first-round technical screen at multiple billion-dollar software companies before starting TechScreen in 2016

Venkat Kolli
CEO, Oorwin

Venkat manages and oversees strategy, innovation, sales, marketing, finance, and people across the organization. He has been managing large- and medium-sized consulting and staffing services organizations across the US, India, and in other geographies.