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There is an archival option for all the campaign templates that you have created in your system which helps you to do the soft delete from the system and you can also roll back them whenever you wanted

Here is how you can archive the campaign templates and snippets

  • Log in to your Oorwin Account and navigate to Campaigns¬†module from the left menu under Sales¬†Section
  • You will find a tab called Email Templates & Snippets
  • You will have all the list of templates like text,graphical,hotlist & snippets on the left side
  • Select the template on which type you wanted to archive and then click on three dots icon for that template
  • You will find an option called Archive on the actions drop down
  • Click on Archive and click on yes on the confirmation box
  • Now your template got archived and you cannot no longer access to that template
  • You can also find the archived records in My profile->Archivals to restore them at any time

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