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About HWL VMS:

HWL is a company that comes to the market with deep expertise from leading healthcare GPOs and supply chain, workforce management software providers, healthcare delivery organizations, cutting-edge technology organizations, and leading staffing agencies.

Our workforce solutions deliver results that lower overall costs, produce higher quality of staff, and increase visibility into overall labor activity and metrics.


Integration HWL vms in Oorwin typically involves following steps:

  • Log in to your Oorwin Account and navigate to Marketplace module from the left menu.
  • Select VMS category and click on HWL from the list.
  • Click on Configure tab > Add VMS
  • Enter the Username and Password and other relevant mapping fields and Save
  • Once the details saved, click on Actions icon > Copy Webhook url.
  • Copy the Access token url and supplier end point url.
  • Log in to your admin HWL vms account and navigate to Date Services from the menu.
  • Click on Job Order Data and past the Access token url and supplier end point url > Save.
  • Once the details saved in HWL, the jobs will be auto created directly into oorwin.


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