Why should services providers Adopt an Integrated Candidate Recruitment Solution?

Every employer identifies that hiring the right talent is the key aspect for their businesses to scale up and run smoothly. Recruitment and talent management is the key to success and even today many employers still feel that sourcing and screening talent is a challenge. Inevitably, the Recruitment Segment has seen many challenges in recent years.

Some of the challenges Recruitment Segment encounters are:

  • Identifying quality hires quickly & efficiently
  • Lack of attracting the right talent
  • Lack of a streamlined recruitment process
  • Need for sourcing active and passive talent using effective channels
  • Non-availability of real-time metrics on hiring process
  • Lack of assessment of proper skills
  • Need for an integrated interview management process

Most of these challenges can be effectively overcome by using intelligent and integrated applicant tracking systems over the traditional recruitment systems. There are certain key features that recruitment systems should have to empower recruiters to source high-quality candidates.

Some of the key features of a Candidate Recruitment Solution are:

Candidate Sourcing: Every talent acquisition solution primarily performs the important activity of candidate sourcing. The system empowers recruiters to parse through numerous resumes and use specific keywords to pull the best fit from numerous probable candidates. AI enabled proprietary algorithms helps organize candidate database from all sources with an effective resume parsing and AI enabled candidate search algorithms.

Candidate Interview Management: Recruiters can effectively manage candidates with a streamlined workflow that includes integrated interview management. Each stage of the interview management is automated and the candidate will be informed of the feedback from time to time.

Candidate Messaging: With a Text Recruit feature, recruiters can real-time text their candidates and be informed always. Recruiters need not wait for candidate emails and can be in constant touch with resources. This sort of teal time texting improves candidate response times and also improves candidate experience.

Collaborate with your Candidates: Bulk mailing is also another way to access more candidates for a particular job. Sending bulk emails or one to one mails delivers greater candidate reach and enables quicker candidate sourcing process.

Branded Career Portal: The system provides flexibility to have a career portal of your choice in your own way.

Mobile-Enabled: These recruitment systems should be accessible from all modes of web and mobile to enable recruiters to perform tasks anywhere and anytime.

Oorwin Integrated Platform Empowers Services Providers with:

  • Sources high-quality candidates with the intelligent candidate search & match algorithms
  • Enables to create accounts and contacts and access all the details across the platform
  • Delivers ease of use as it is an intelligent, integrated platform
  • Great time-saving tool as data capture is easy and can be used across the platform
  • The platform can be accessed from web, mobile and through Gmail and Outlook plugins
  • Users can stay within the system and perform all activities from a single unified portal
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Lowers Operational costs

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