Say NO to Paperwork with Digital Onboarding

Oorwin - Digital Onboarding

These days, employees are expected to be productive since day one. In this scenario, a digital onboarding program allows employees to be familiar with company policies, and grasp other necessary information required to be productive from the start.

Oorwin - Digital Onboarding

Additionally, digital onboarding programs are a great way for companies to keep the new hires engaged with the company. It also allows companies to connect with remote employees and complements their overall global recruiting strategy.

A structured onboarding program is crucial to ensure the recently hired candidate develops a sense of belonging in the organization. Digital Onboarding makes the whole process available online, making it easier for the candidate and the recruiter to manage the entire documentation process.

A great digital onboarding program allows employees to understand their roles and responsibilities, the reporting mechanism, and familiarizes them with other important processes at the workplace.

Digital onboarding allows recruiters to prepare and release offer letter within a day. With the availability of an electronic signature option, the candidate can accept and revert to the letter by signing it from their desktop or mobile itself.

Onboarding helps improve retention, engagement, satisfaction, and productivity of a new employee by introducing them to the company culture.

Benefits of Digital Onboarding:

  • Accessibility of all relevant documents from a centralized database
  • The whole process can be completed from a mobile. Images of required documents can also be attached directly.
  • Automated notification and reminders that trigger the next course of action automatically.
  • An inter-departmental task can be created to make sure the workplace, accessories, and other relevant things are ready when the new employee joins.
  • Secured database to store and access all relevant employee information.
  • Availability of customization tools and template database to tailor-made the onboarding process depending on the organizational or departmental requirements.

A well-planned digital onboarding process can help companies set the environment for long-term association and increase retention rate drastically. This critical solution is ideal for boosting employee referrals and setting up the stage for upcoming workforce management.


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