Oorwin’s remote-ready HRMS makes leave and holiday management a breeze

Our all-new HRMS allows you to manage leaves and holidays for all your employees across geographies from a single AI-powered dashboard

As businesses go remote and grow beyond geographies, it is important that companies are able to implement multiple leave and holiday plans that can be tailored for a particular region, country or demography.

Oorwin’s is excited to announce that we’ve updated our robust, remote-ready HRMS to allow easy, integrated and fully-customizable leave and holiday management.

Leave management

Create multiple leave plans

The new leave management system now allows you to create leave plans for multiple locations, countries and employees

Configure leave policy to meet the needs of your organization

The update gives you the freedom to create and implement unique and tailored leave policies across various locations and geographies

Customize leave types, quotas and workflows

You can set quotas according to your organization’s needs. You can modify the leave accrual parameters to suit your needs.

The HRMS also allows you to fully customize the leave application and approval workflows. You can also decide which department approves leaves for any specific employee group.

Holiday management

Custom holiday plans

The update includes new features in holiday management. You will now be able to tailor your holiday plans for specific locations and countries

Import holiday list, set floating leaves

You can import existing holiday lists with ease and implement customized holiday plans for specific employee groups.

In this era of remote-work, your businesses can customize its leave policy to match the needs of your customers and employees across various locations and geographies.

All-in-one dashboard

All leave and holiday management in one place

Finally, you can manage the leave and holiday plans for all your employees, locations and countries from one easy to use dashboard.

Our fully customizable, filter-rich and color-coded timesheet dashboard allows you to check the status of your workforce in one glance.

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