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Oorwin joins forces with Vonage to deliver swift in-app communication between sales teams and clients, recruiters and candidates, and HR managers and employees

One of the biggest challenges the staffing industry faces following the shift to remote work is a way to easily and quickly communicate with clients, candidates and employees. 

Now more than ever, staffing companies need a platform that bridges this gap and enables easy tracking of all communications.

With Oorwin’s seamless integration with Vonage, your sales teams, recruiters and HR managers can now make in-app calls (VoIP) and send text messages directly from the Oorwin platform.

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The integration also helps your teams collaborate with each other easily right from Oorwin using the team meeting functionality.

Lastly, the integration helps managers and executives easily track all communications and the progress of all processes easily and in real time.   

Once you configure your account details and assign numbers to your team members, they will see a ‘call’ and ‘text’ icon next to each client, candidate, and employee, to quickly initiate a call or message if needed.

Simple, one-time setup

  • To integrate Oorwin with Vonage, the user needs to first create a Vonage account with phone and SMS access for the Vonage numbers taken.
  • The user then needs to copy the API key, API secret, Application ID and Private Key and enter them on Oorwin.
#integrations #ATS #hiring #SaaS #software #recruitment #VoIP #textrecruiting #reports
#integrations #ATS #hiring #SaaS #software #recruitment #VoIP #textrecruiting #reports
  • A team member can be mapped for each unique number under every application and they can then carry out all the activities like calling and messaging without leaving the Oorwin platform.

Endless advantages

  • Easy communication with mobile-ready VoIP calls and text messaging.
  • Sales teams, recruiters and HR managers can execute all communications pertaining to sales, jobs, candidates, and employees directly from Oorwin.
  • Oorwin consolidates the call and text records in the form of detailed reports to help managers track effectiveness and productivity.
#integrations #ATS #hiring #SaaS #software #recruitment #VoIP #textrecruiting #reports

Oorwin’s integration with Vonage makes communication and collaboration feel effortless while delivering complete transparency for managers and executives.

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