Oorwin Ranks Among Top Rated Staffing Software Product at SoftwareWorld

Top software in 2021

We are proud to announce that Oorwin has been ranked among the Top 10 Software in 2021 for ATS, Human Resources, Recruitment, and Talent Management by Software World.

Oorwin is an Al-powered solution platform designed for staffing and consulting businesses. With integrated CRM, HRMS, ATS, Oorwin helps staffing businesses increase sales productivity and reduce cost by delivering a happy customer and employee experience. It also allows recruiters to find the best candidates fast with an Al-powered semantic search and ranking.

All these unique features and excellent performance lead Oorwin as a human resource software and one of the most reliable recruiting software companies at SoftwareWorld.

SoftwareWorld is a well-established research and review platform that evaluates various software based on three major parameters-

  1. Client Review
  2. Social Presence
  3. Quality

Using a similar research process, SoftwareWorld has appreciated and ranked Oorwin among the top 50+ HR Software (Human Resource Software) list in 2021. Not only this, but Oorwin has also proved itself and thus is recognized among the list of top 10+ Applicant Tracking Software in 2021 at SoftwareWorld.

Qualities Due To Which Oorwin Secured A Leading Position By SoftwareWorld

  • Innovation

Oorwin has always believed in innovation. They have a young team of bright brains who come up with innovative ideas from time to time.

  • Integrity

They believe trust and integrity are crucial to success and fuel to match the client’s expectations and business goals.

  • Flexibility

They are flexible and adaptable with the hurdles and always try to give their best to accomplish the goals.

  • Satisfaction of customers

The satisfaction of customers is their priority. They initially try to understand their clients by doing a little research and then tailor the HR software according to their needs.

Various World-class Services Provided By Oorwin

Below are the exclusive services provided by Oorwin-

  • Integrated CRS, ATS, HRMS facility
  • Customer relationship management
  • Increasing business efficiency
  • Empowering teams with AI
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Automate HR system
  • Easy bench management
  • Improve candidate management

Oorwin Performance Evaluation by SoftwareWorld

Top rated Human resource Software:

Top Human Resource Software - Oorwin Ranks at Software World - Oorwin

SoftwareWorld has recognized Oorwin among the top leading software developers for Human Resources due to its innovative and integrated software. The software helps HR managers monitor work progress, assign tasks, and evaluate progress. The software also includes a personnel tracking system, which helps in creating a database of employees individually. 

Oorwin has made hiring and recruiting hassle-free due to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It also comprises eLearning and a self portal feature, which boosts employees’ morale and keeps them updated through learning.

Top Recruiting Software:

Top Recruitment Software - Oorwin Ranks at Software World - Oorwin

Further, SoftwareWorld also evaluated Oorwin in the Recruiting Software category and has acknowledged Oorwin among the top leading Recruiting software developer companies.

Oorwin software helps to go paperless and attract candidates from around the world. It also enables in designing an in-house career portal that connects job seekers to your company directly. Potential candidates are chosen automatically for the desired job. It has lessened the burden of keeping safe the applications and resume of the candidates.

It is an environmentally safe option, with no or less paperwork. It is a well-managed and coordinated process of recruiting. 

Candidates can also keep track of this process of recruiting. It has a unique feature of auto customization, facilitating flexibility and ease of designing various specific roles.

What Oorwin’s clients say about the recruiting software:

Most of the clients of Oorwin say that they never thought that recruiting can be so simple. They feel delighted by using Oorwin as software as it saves their time and eases various cumbersome operational work. The most liked feature of Oorwin is its auto customization, as it makes the client’s work more quick and easy”. 

Top Talent Management Software:

Top Talent Management Software - Oorwin Ranks at Software World - Oorwin

SoftwareWorld has acknowledged Oorwin among the top leading talent management software developer companies. 

Oorwin helps in managing and evaluating the efficiency of individuals as well as a team. One can easily track the performance in real-time. This is HR software which includes the feature of recruiting too. It helps in interviewing, sourcing, and screening candidates. 

This software gives effective results in less time and is user friendly. This software does multitasking by managing, hiring, and improving the quality of the workforce. This software also keeps a check on which employee needs training and which employees excel in which field. The main thing about this software is its affordability.

Top Applicant Tracking Software:

Top Applicant Tracking Software - Oorwin Ranks at Software World - Oorwin

SoftwareWorld has acknowledged Oorwin among the top leading Applicant Tracking software developer companies. This software’s specialty is that it saves the data in abundance, saving time, getting killed due to cumbersome work, and keeping the data updated. This software helps in hiring and managing the entire process of recruiting. 

Now recruiters can easily shortlist the candidates and provide them with the scheduled time for an interview. This software filters the data according to the needs of users. This software proves quite useful for big enterprises where hiring is a big issue.

Considering these unique features, highly rich software functionality, and customer service, Oorwin stands through when compared to any other HR software. 

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