Interactive chatbot to increase recruiter productivity and maximize candidate engagement

Oorwin ATS is now powered with a unique, first-of-its-kind chatbot that improves recruiter productivity by automating communication with candidates and drastically reducing Time to Hire.

Typically, when a recruiter gets a job, they have to manually shortlist candidates by checking their profiles. Once they have a list of shortlisted candidates, they begin reaching out to each candidate manually via emails, calls or messages. 

It is also very likely that the candidates are not prompt in responding to these emails, calls or messages. This impacts recruiter productivity as they do not know if the candidate is interested or not.

Even if the candidate does respond, the follow-up calls can be time-consuming and take up a majority of the recruiters’ time and efforts. 

Oorwin ATS solves this problem by automating the entire communication process through a chatbot which delivers high recruiter efficiency while increasing employee engagement.

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The chatbot is fully customizable, so a recruiter can create a chat flow based on requirements and automatically get answers for all the relevant questions directly from multiple shortlisted candidates – all through engagement with a chatbot

Engage multiple candidates simultaneously

Once a recruiter receives a job, Oorwin ATS provides them with an AI-powered shortlist of candidates with matching profiles based on the job requirement.

Recruiters can select the candidates they want to reach out to and configure the chatbot with chosen questions to begin the hiring process. 

This saves the recruiter the time otherwise spent manually reaching out to each candidate individually and updating their status as all the bot conversations get consolidated directly under the candidate profile

Ask the right questions with customizable templates 

The chatbot is completely customizable and comes pre-loaded with template questions that can be modified based on the requirements.

#chatbot #automation #productivity #engagement #ATS #SaaS #software

The recruiter can edit or add more questions about the candidate’s current CTC, location, notice period, years of experience, etc.

The responses can either be multiple choice-based or the candidate can type out their response depending on the nature of the questions.

The chatbot can also be configured with questions for selecting the preferred date and time for the recruiter to call them to take the hiring process forward. 

Increase candidate engagement and improve quality of hire 

Once the recruiter has identified the candidates they want to reach out to for the job, they can send an email to all of them with just one click.

The selected candidates will receive an email with a link to a webpage that displays the chatbot along with the full description of the job they are applying for. 

#chatbot #automation #productivity #engagement #ATS #SaaS #software

This creates an inquisitiveness for the candidates and improves engagement as the candidates want to avoid the hassle of filling in multiple forms on job boards or career pages.

The candidates can then begin responding to the questions on the chatbot and the recruiter will be notified about the progress of all potential candidates. 

Boost recruiter productivity

The chatbot helps recruiters gauge the interest of the candidates based on their responses. Oorwin ATS will display all the chats associated with any given job on the main job page so the recruiter can quickly go through the responses.

#chatbot #automation #productivity #engagement #ATS #SaaS #software

The recruiter can then make a follow-up call at the time of the candidate’s choosing to take the hiring process forward.

All the chat responses from the candidates are saved in the database and can be accessed from their profile at any time in the future.

The chatbot can directly improve recruiter productivity by automating the most time-consuming aspects of hiring thereby helping them focus their energies on making more placements.

It gets even better

In the near future, Oorwin ATS will analyze the responses and rank the candidates so the recruiter doesn’t have to go through all the responses. 

Oorwin ATS will also have the capabilities to rank the candidates based on a predefined criteria that may include job requirements and past engagements.

The candidates will also be able to ask questions to the recruiter through the chatbot interaction which can be more engaging.

There also efforts being made for the chatbot to be accessed from not just an email but via a text or a WhatsApp message too to create maximum engagement.

It is these immensely useful functionalities that make Oorwin the go-to ATS for staffing and consulting companies.

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