Hassle-free Employee Offboarding and Exit Management with Oorwin HRM

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Oorwin HRM now delivers seamless employee offboarding and exit management with notice periods, notification emails, and easy-to-use exit approvals.

Employee offboarding or exit management is the set of processes that most organizations execute when an employee resigns, retires, or is terminated.

In most cases, offboarding employees can be a tedious process that requires coordination across the entire organization to ensure a smooth and systematic transition.

Oorwin HRM now delivers seamless employee offboarding with our unique ‘Offboarding’ module that lets you create offboarding policies, approvals, and finalizations. 

Employee Status

All employees in the organization are now assigned a stage of their employment, and Oorwin HRM categorizes these stages as:

  • Active 
  • Exited 

As soon as an employee joins an organization, Oorwin HRM tags them as an ‘Active’ employee. 

Once the employee completes the notice period and offboarding finalization is completed, that’s when the employee’s status is changed to ‘Exited’.

In case the offboarding initiation request is rejected or deleted, there would be no change in employee status and it will remain active.


Create and Configure Offboarding Policies

Offboarding policies can be different for employees depending on their position, location, etc. To help you manage the offboarding of employees with different requirements and processes, Oorwin HRM now lets you create and configure multiple offboarding policies.

With this new feature, HR admins can create Offboarding policies to customize the number of notice period days as well as approvals. They can also make changes to any current policy from here.

  • HR Admins can decide how each offboarding policy works in terms of the notice period, leave policies during the notice period, approvals, default offboarding policies, etc.
  • They can also delete offboarding policies here but an offboarding policy cannot be deleted when it’s assigned to any employee.


Set Offboarding Approval Flows

The approval flows for employee offboarding can be of two types: Resignation Approval and Offboarding Initiation Approval. Resignation approval is applicable when an employee applies for resignation from their profile, while Offboarding Initiation approval takes place at the start of the offboarding process and at the start of the notice period.

By default, there is one resignation approval and offboarding initiation approval flow defined by the system, and admins have the option to create new approval flows.

Once the offboarding approvals are configured, the HR admin can assign them directly to the employee(s) through the ‘offboarding policy settings’.

There are two main steps in the offboarding approval process: Initiate Offboarding and Finalize Offboarding.

‘Initiate offboarding’ will allow the HR admin to initiate the offboarding process from the list of approved resignation requests or start a new offboarding initiation.

‘Finalize offboarding’ will allow the HR admins to take necessary actions on the offboarding process, close pending actions, and finalize and complete the offboarding process on or after the last working date of the employee.

Resignation Initiation

Employees can now submit their resignation from their end. The resignation button is visible when the employees log into their profiles. Each employee can apply for resignation for their own profile.

The ‘Resign’ option initiates a request and routes it to the HR admins. The HR admins can go to the offboarding home screen and approve, edit, reject, or delete a resignation request. The admins can also edit resignation to change the reason for resignation, requested date, and can add comments.

Offboarding Initiation

Admins can now create an Offboarding Initiation Request and customize the necessary details. Relevant information, including the reason for offboarding and additional commentary, can be added.

The request is then moved to the ‘Offboarding Initiation’ tab, where you can approve the initiation request as required.

Additionally, Oorwin HRM automatically sends notification emails to all relevant stakeholders when a resignation/initiation is submitted or there is a change in status.


Offboarding Finalization

Once the offboarding initiation is approved, HR admins can initiate the Offboarding finalization flow to take the offboarding further!

Admins can check or edit the details for a particular offboarding, and proceed with Pending Actions.

  • Admins can either approve or reject all the pending attendance, leave requests, or choose to skip those, approve or reject expenses, and even submit or edit timesheets.
  • Once all the pending actions are completed, the admin can finalize the offboarding after checking the status of each module that is applicable to the employee. 

After the offboarding process is finalized, the employee status is automatically changed to ‘Offboarded’ and the employee will no longer receive any reminders, emails, or other communications. The employee’s access to the system and their user license is also automatically revoked!


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