Effortless in-app calling for effective remote recruiting

Put that phone down! Oorwin’s in-app calling feature makes communication and collaboration feel effortless while maintaining complete transparency

As the world is jolted towards remote work, businesses now face a whole new set of challenges when it comes to ensuring seamless operations of teams spread across geographies.

Companies in the staffing and consulting space have traditionally been accustomed to recruiters calling customers and candidates from their office desk phones. 

The sudden shift to remote work has been particularly challenging for recruiters as many are now forced to use personal numbers for outreach and spend valuable time on zero-value tasks such as manually documenting call records.

With most employees working remotely, segregation of contact and call data along with error-prone call records can cost any business dearly. 

Call right from your ATS

Oorwin’s latest feature puts an end to all this by integrating VoIP into the ATS so your recruiter can call a customer or candidate with the click of a button.

Even better, the managers can now monitor all recruiters’ communication with the candidates from a single dashboard. 

One platform for all hiring tasks

The in-app calling module is easy to set up and makes a lot of tedious manual processes redundant.

Once a recruiter has identified a candidate for a particular job, they can instantly call the candidate, send mails and close the deal without even having to leave the application.

Easy, simple setup

  • Add your existing VoIP account details to Oorwin’s VoIP section
  • Set office number and extensions
  • Set user accounts
  • Import contact details
  • Start a call with a single click
  • Track details like call duration, call notes etc in a single page

All communication data in one place

One place to track and monitor all communication activities between recruiters, customers and candidates.

Not just that, the platform also has real-time, detailed reports on call records including contact name, phone number, attempted calls, call time, duration, other business information etc.

Now productivity tracking becomes much more easier with metrics like amount of time spent on calls, number of contacts called, success rate etc.

Also, the knowledge transfer about the candidate(s) to the recruiter becomes seamless with all the information available in the form of notes, emails etc against the candidate record.

Global outreach

Oorwin’s in-app calling module makes remote hiring seamless across offices and geographies. Now you can get in touch with your worldwide workforce with the click of a button or reach out to customers from anywhere in the world.

Bring your VoIP

Oorwin’s in-app calling module currently has three integrations:
Vitel Global, VOIP Office and 3CX.
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The 3CX integration is especially beneficial for staffing companies operating in the Singapore region. For many companies that already use 3CX for VoIP calling, this integration brings the entire recruiting activity under one robust and secure roof.

All in all, Oorwin makes calling and collaboration between recruiters, candidates and customers feel effortless while maintaining complete transparency.

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