Accelerate Candidate Screening with AI-Enabled Recruitment

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AI-enabled candidate screening is designed to address the single most time consuming and inefficient aspect of the recruitment process. Despite technological advancements, effective candidate screening remains one of the biggest challenges for recruiters today. 

Manually sorting through high volumes of applications for each open role is extremely labor intensive. Recruiters are focusing over half their time on triage. This leaves a lot of room to unintentionally overlook top applicants or miss out on strong passive candidates. 

AI-enabled screening increases the likelihood that the most qualified candidates will not be overlooked, by pinpointing which applicants are most compatible with the job description. With recruiters no longer having to manually scan through resumes one by one, they can spend more time focusing on recruiting and engaging qualified candidates.

What Is Candidate Screening?

Candidate screening is the process of reviewing job applications, resumes, and applicant profiles. Through this process, recruiters can identify which candidates have the right qualifications, experience, and skillset to be compatible with the job requirements and organization. 

The goal of candidate screening is to shortlist candidates to ensure only the best are moved on to the next stages of the hiring process. 

What Challenges Do Recruiters Face During the Candidate Screening Process?

  1. Reducing Time To Hire 

The ever-growing demand for recruiters to do more with fewer resources, paired with the extensive amount of time needed for candidate screening, is detrimental to productivity. and inevitably slows down the time to hire. 

Having a longer screening process and time to hire creates a greater risk of losing high-quality candidates to competitors. This is especially true when those competitors are able to provide a quicker recruitment and hiring experience. 

  1. Sourcing the Right Candidates 

Hiring the wrong people is expensive. Traditional ATS systems alone are not able to measure the success or quality of hires. This leaves recruiters to manually collect and analyze data to observe recruiting and hiring patterns. 

This results in more frequent bad hires being discovered later down the line, creating wasted time and resources for your business.

  1. Shortage of Qualified Talent 

Many applications that submit for open roles are considered unqualified or irrelevant. The countless hours spent while recruiters weed these out is  better used to tend to qualified candidates, active recruitment, and strategic work. 

With such high levels of applicant volume to work through, it is almost inevitable that some of the good ones will slip through the cracks while recruiters are using their time speaking with less desirable candidates. 

How To Improve Your Candidate Screening Process With AI-Enabled Recruitment

AI-enabled screening reduces the time to hire and improves recruitment effectiveness by streamlining and automating the candidate screening process. It enables recruiters to set priorities in their applicant list without having to rely on manual screening.

But AI-enabled screening isn’t the only artificial intelligence that can improve your candidate screening process. Here are 3 additional ways that AI can improve candidate screening:

  • AI-enabled recruitment helps remove human bias and promote diversity, equality, and inclusion when it comes to candidate selection. It also helps ensure each applicant has similar experiences to promote fairness.
  • AI-powered talent intelligence platforms provide vast amounts of valuable data insights to recruiters. Features like predictive talent analytics provide data showing which steps in the recruiting and hiring process need to be more efficient and highlight where recruiting funds should be allocated or reduced based on which sources are bringing in the most top candidates. 
  • AI-enabled talent acquisition solutions can quickly provide customized recommendations based on enormous data sets that your recruiters would not be able to analyze manually. 

When Leveraging AI-Enabled Recruitment, Recruiters Can:

  • Rank candidates based on skills, experience, and location and assess them using AI-enabled pre-screening chatbots to accurately match relevant profiles based on the job criteria through context-driven talent selection.
  • Automate the evaluation and selection of qualified candidates suitable to interview.
  • Create a solid pipeline, ensuring your organization always has access to the best talent. 
  • Source strong passive candidates from multiple channels and make recommendations from profiles closely matching the job description.
  • Improve the quality of hires by tracking applicants and activities with advanced analytics.  

Today’s job marketing is more competitive than ever. And recruiters must dedicate more time and effort to actively sourcing and engaging the most qualified candidates. 

AI-enabled screening removes the manual, repetitive tasks that eat up most recruiters’ valuable time, creating a more scalable recruitment process

Learn more about how your recruitment process will benefit from AI-enabled screening by requesting a demo from Oorwin today.


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