7 Simple Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement

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What Is Candidate Engagement

The term “candidate engagement” refers to the process followed by a hiring manager to stay in constant communication with the candidates while recruiting for an open position. This communication is usually maintained at multiple touchpoints via text, email, and face-to-face communication.

Candidate engagement not only conveys the employer value proposition (EVP), but it also constitutes a large part of the candidate experience and builds an image of the company. Candidate engagement also ensures that good candidates do not leave the process in between and move along with other offers due to a lack of proper communication. It is crucial for recruiters to design a candidate engagement strategy that keeps the company ahead of the competition.

Candidate engagement has three functional areas-

  1. The Employer 
  2. The Candidate
  3. Technology


How to Start Improving Candidate Engagement

To start improving your candidate engagement strategies, it is crucial that you take a look at the existing process and ask a few questions. This step will provide a clear image of the process followed by the organization and locate spaces for improvement. The questions can be as the following-

  1. Is there any technical glitch in the application process? If yes, is that causing dropouts?
  2. How long is the candidate application journey? Is there scope for cutting steps in between that can decrease the length?
  3. Is the existing process swift and provides feedback on time?


Why Is Candidate Engagement Important

Technically speaking, there is more than one reason to focus on improving the Candidate Engagement process. 

Increased Candidate Interest

Improvement in the candidate engagement process has a direct impact on the candidate’s interest in your company. The easier the process is, the more interested a candidate will be to stick to the process till the end. It will also ensure your organization stands out in multiple job offers.

Increased Job Ad Reach

While job ads play a huge role in getting the perfect candidate’s attention, word of mouth further increases the reach. If a candidate is happy with the engagement process, there is a high chance they will share it with more people, indirectly expanding your job ad’s reach. 

Reduced Candidate Dropout

A swift candidate engagement experience will ensure there is less number of dropouts. Clear communication from the organization keeps candidates engaged, interested and motivated. The process also ensures the organization does not waste time contacting people who have already left the process.

New-hire Happiness

A good candidate engagement process results in enthusiastic candidates who are motivated throughout the onboarding process. It also ensures happy hires who are excited to start their new position as they feel confident and important being a part of the company.


7 Simple Ways to Improve Candidate Engagement

Let us dive deeper into the action items on what can be done to improve an existing candidate engagement process. That being said, these pointers can also be used to create a process from scratch.

Engaging and Interactive Pre-selection Process

This step is beneficial if a company is bulk hiring for multiple positions and the time frame is considerably small.

When companies cannot accommodate manual screening of each and every candidate, online assessments can be helpful too- considering it is added in the hiring process early. Assessments not only give candidates a headstart but also give your organization important data about them.

A few examples of such assessments are-

  1. Cognitive Tests- This checks general aptitude.
  2. Personality Tests- As the name suggests, it gives an idea about the candidate’s personality.
  3. Situational Tests- Such tests present a common work problem that might defer from one job position to another. This type of test provides an idea about the problem-solving capability of a candidate.

Create an Exciting Brand Picture

Believe it or not, candidates do consider company outlooks while considering a job opportunity. That’s why a company needs to stay on top of its image. There are a few things that an organization can follow, for example-

  1. Staying active on multiple social media channels- Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin- creates an image of a dynamic organization. Apart from improving candidate engagement, it also aids in Social Recruiting.
  2. A strong content game plays a huge part when recruiting. Posting images and regular updates provides candidates with an internal scenario of the company. It can be leveled up by posting different content, i.e., videos once in a while.

Communicate with the Candidate

Some scope of improvements can be understood clearly by imagining yourself in a candidate’s shoes. More than fear of rejection, many candidates dread the conscious anxiety of applying for a job, as many companies do not even respond after receiving an application, let alone inform after rejecting a candidate.

Dropping an email after receiving a resume creates a positive company image. A few other pieces of information can be included in the email, such as the position’s closing date or when the person can hear back from them.

Abide by a Hiring Timeline

Time is a valuable resource for everyone, as we all have limited possession of it. While delays can be an unavoidable part of the hiring process, especially in bulk hiring, try and stick to the mentioned timelines.

Providing a clear guideline of the overall process, such as how many days an interview can be scheduled, how many rounds can be expected, and whether it will be a group interview or one-on-one. Furthermore, in cases of delay, it is best to inform candidates about it instead of keeping them hanging.


Top Candidate Engagement Platforms for Enhanced Candidate Engagement

In today’s digital age, leveraging the right technology is crucial for improving candidate engagement. A candidate engagement platform can streamline your recruitment process, keep candidates informed, and enhance their overall experience. Here are a few top platforms that can help:

  1. Oorwin: As an AI-enabled ATS, Oorwin not only simplifies the recruitment process but also serves as an effective candidate engagement platform. It allows recruiters to keep candidates engaged and automate tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic aspects of recruitment.
  2. Bullhorn: Bullhorn is a well-known candidate engagement platform that offers features like automated communication, real-time analytics, and personalized candidate journeys. Its cloud-based ATS and CRM are specifically designed to help staffing and recruiting firms handle complex relationships.
  3. Jobvite: Known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Jobvite helps recruiters maintain constant communication with candidates and provides valuable insights into the recruitment process. Its candidate engagement platform is designed to build a more engaged and passionate workforce.
  4. Lever: Lever is a powerful candidate engagement platform that combines the capabilities of a customer relationship management system with an applicant tracking system. It allows companies to nurture relationships with candidates and provides insights to improve recruitment strategies.
  5. iCIMS: iCIMS offers a cloud-based candidate engagement platform that helps businesses manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle. It provides tools for building talent pools, nurturing relationships, and managing the recruitment process efficiently.
  6. SmartRecruiters: SmartRecruiters is a comprehensive candidate engagement platform that provides functionality for hiring managers to collaborate with their teams. It offers an intuitive and streamlined candidate experience, ensuring high levels of candidate engagement.


Using Effective Candidate Engagement Tools to Improve Candidate Engagement

In addition to using a dedicated platform, there are several tools that can enhance candidate engagement:

  1. Chatbots: Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular candidate engagement tools in the recruitment space. They can answer candidate queries round the clock, provide instant responses, and save recruiters’ time. They can also be programmed to provide personalized communication, further enhancing candidate engagement.
  2. Automated Scheduling Tools: These candidate engagement tools can significantly reduce the back-and-forth involved in scheduling interviews. Candidates can choose a convenient time, improving their experience and reducing dropout rates.
  3. Feedback Tools: Providing feedback is an essential part of candidate engagement. Candidate engagement tools that facilitate easy feedback collection and analysis can help you understand where candidates could improve and how your own process can be enhanced.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep candidates engaged?

Candidate engagement starts from keeping a candidate informed about the process and answering their queries. Continuous and clear communication with the candidate from the start to the end of the process is what keeps a candidate engaged.

What is one unique way a recruiter can increase candidate engagement?

A strong social media presence where companies share content about their employees’ journey in the company, and their insights on what makes the company an ideal place for working nurtures and attracts candidates in a positive manner.

How can a candidate engagement platform improve recruitment?

Candidate engagement platforms improve recruitment by automating tasks, providing real-time analytics, and facilitating personalized candidate journeys, leading to a more efficient and effective hiring process.

How can candidate engagement tools enhance the recruitment process? 

Candidate engagement tools enhance the recruitment process by automating repetitive tasks, providing round-the-clock communication, and offering valuable insights into candidate behavior and preferences.

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