Workplace modernization: Enhancing employee experience and virtual delivery

30th JULY 2020

Work is changing. As the pandemic forces us away from the 9-5 routine and towards a remote future, it is important that organizations understand the need for enhanced employee experience while ensuring that capacity building is not disrupted.

Now more than ever, HR needs technology that provides modern digital workspace environments that can enhance employee experience and enable effective virtual delivery and skill development.

Key takeaways:

  • Strategic road map for better EX
  • Tools and technology needed for improved EX
  • Creating the right world culture for a better EX
  • Impact of enhanced EX with real-world cases
  • Deploy new technologies for remote capacity building
  • New workplace virtual delivery techniques
  • Explore alternative digital learning strategies

Employee experience (EX) has come a long way since Airbnb’s Mark Levy first coined the term in 2014. Many organizations including GE, IBM, and ABN AMRO now use people analytics to inform HR services and processes. EX today goes far beyond the traditional functions performed by HR. The key is to deliver a holistic experience and drive the right culture.

In this difficult period, effective virtual delivery and learning opportunities can also serve as an opportunity for many organizations looking for a positive long-term outcome.

In this webinar, our panelists will offer strategic insights and the technical ‘know-how’ needed to deliver better employee experience and virtual delivery.

Oorwin brings together a panel of experts with decades of combined experience to discuss the strategic road map along with real-world use cases and tools needed for enhanced employee experience and virtual delivery.


Venkat Kolli
CEO, Oorwin Labs

Crystal Kadakia
CEO, Learning cluster design

Harjeet Khanduja
Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Jio | Author

Ayelet Baron
Award winning author. speaker. guide. Former Cisco strategist. Thinkers50. Forbes 50 Female Futurists