The Rise of AI Recruiters

The recruitment industry is on the cusp of an AI revolution.

As more and more recruiters turn to AI to help screen candidates and streamline hiring workflows, the industry is primed for an AI-powered boost in performance and efficiency.

In this webinar, Oorwin’s Ravi Daparthi and Mahesh Iyer discuss how an effective, AI-assisted pre-screening process can help businesses navigate the current recruiting climate. The webinar will also offer in-depth insights and best practices on pre-screening tools, and how Oorwin can help automate the entire recruitment process.

In this webinar, we will cover

  • Measuring the relevance of a resume using AI screening tools
  • Using AI screening to identify candidates at scale
  • Reducing unconscious bias with AI screening
  • Mapping relevant profiles with job requirements
  • Giving your business the edge with AI-powered pre-screening software
Ravi Daparthi
CTO & Head of Product Engineering at Oorwin

He is the Head of Product Engineering at Oorwin Labs and has a proven track record in global leadership roles, demonstrating strengths in building high-performance teams.

Mahesh Iyer
CRO-Global at Oorwin

One of the top 25 Inside Sales Leaders on LinkedIn. He is responsible for our go-to-market functions, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product Support, Strategy, Partnerships, and Revenue Operations.