The 5 Ws of an Effective Marketing Strategy for Staffing and Consulting Firms

September 17
11:30 AM ET | 9:00 PM IST

With 2020 and the flood of uncertainties, the future has never looked hazier. Marketing strategy has become increasingly important.

Many staffing and consulting firms have not spent enough time digging into their marketing strategy, and the forecast for 2020 is more problematic than it has been in recent years. However, that only makes a firm’s marketing strategy more important.

Marketing strategy allows you to look into your business and define opportunities within both your consultant and client audiences.

Key takeaways:

  • Using social media to give your business a sustainable advantage
  • Leveraging marketing to grow your sales pipeline
  • Building a strong employer brand with marketing
  • Creating a consistent lead funnel for your business
  • Post-Covid marketing tips for staffing and consulting businesses

In this webinar, we will discuss how to build a strategy that will help firms stand-out in an industry as crowded as staffing and consulting.

Join the webinar to learn how to develop a marketing strategy that ensures you always remain top-of-the-mind and achieve your goals even in these times of uncertainty.

Venkat Kolli
CEO at Oorwin

Venkat manages and oversees strategy, innovation, marketing, sales, finance and people at Oorwin. Prior to joining Oorwin, he has managed numerous large staffing and consulting organizations across the US, India and other geographies.

Brad Smith
CEO at BARQAR & Director of Digital Marketing at Haley

As a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist, Brad has helped over 300 staffing and recruiting companies with website development, search engine optimization, blogging and social media marketing--driving more targeted traffic to websites and closing more sales.