Selling Services in the COVID-19 Era

15 July 2020

Is your sales pipeline bone dry? Has the flood of leads and opportunities turned into a trickle?

The coronavirus outbreak has deeply impacted how businesses all over the world operate. The pandemic has caused unprecedented layoffs, forced most of us to work remotely, sparked a customer churn, delayed sales cycles… You name it.

Despite these difficulties, numerous companies in almost every industry have emerged as winners. In fact, according to a BCG report, 14% of the companies had been able to accelerate their growth during the pandemic.

As the pandemic creates unequaled ambiguity, it’s critical that companies figure out how to protect and increase their revenues. This ability to grow during adversity will separate the leaders from the pack when the economy rebounds.

Join our virtual panel discussion ‘Selling services in the Covid-19 era’ to understand the implications of this disruption for your business and to discover the A-to-Z of sales during times of crisis.

Jamie (Crosbie) Bisson
Founder & CEO, ProActivate

Randy Fahrbach
Director, North America Channel at LogMeIn

Paul Smith
Managing Director, Story Makers, LLC

Venkat Kolli
CEO, Oorwin Labs