Minimize bench time, Maximize profitability


In these times of rapid change, it is imperative that staffing and consulting businesses focus on cutting costs and optimizing resources.

Reducing bench time for resource pools is perhaps one of the most crucial ways staffing and consulting firms can maximize profitability even as the pandemic casts a long shadow on most revenue streams.

In this webinar, Oorwin CEO Venkat Kolli and CTO Ravi Daparthi will discuss how staffing firms can achieve growth by reducing bench time, and how Oorwin is uniquely positioned as an integrated CRM, ATS and HRMS platform to help staffing and consulting firms achieve effective, profit-oriented bench management.

Oorwin’s groundbreaking features are designed to help staffing organizations leverage AI and automation to reduce bench time.

Key takeaways:

  • Increasing profitability by reducing bench time of resource pool
  • Integrating processes so to ensure collaboration between Sales, Recruitment and HR
  • Automating manual processes such as resume harvesting for maximum efficiency
  • Using AI to identify and match the best candidate for any job fast

Our customers have claimed that they could reduce Time to Hire by up to 70% and Cost per Hire by up to 60% with Oorwin.

Venkat Kolli
CEO at Oorwin

Venkat manages and oversees Strategy, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Finance and people across the organization. Prior to joining Oorwin, he has been managing large and medium consulting and staffing services organizations across the US, India & other geographies.

Ravi Daparthi
CTO & Head of Product Engineering at Oorwin

He is the Head of Product Engineering at Oorwin Labs and has a proven track record in global leadership roles, demonstrating strengths in building high-performance teams.