AI based Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
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Smart Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to ensure maximum hiring in minimum time for Recruiters

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About Oorwin

Oorwin is a cloud-based AI-powered talent intelligence platform that supports intelligent sourcing, accelerated hiring, digital onboarding and development of top talent. Readily source and screen candidates with the right fit using intelligent candidate matching and ranking. Oorwin currently serves hundreds of businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.

Talent Acquisition Solution

Oorwin's AI Enabled Talent Acquisition solution is built for companies of all sizes; helps to rapidly and intelligently source, hire and onboard talent.

Access: Gain visibility into and access to the best talent for the job roles you need to fill. Turn every candidate interaction into an opportunity for engagement.

Empower: Boost productivity through AI-driven candidate matching and ranking and context-driven talent selection. Evaluate in a fraction of the time and select a subset of candidates to interview with confidence.

Improve: Create a powerful pipeline to ensure your organization has access to the best talent.


Talent Management Solution

Oorwin's Talent Management solution allows your organization to engage and develop talent to its full potential.

Manage: Maintain a comprehensive set of employee data

Upskill: Engage and retain talent through upskilling and reskilling; transform your talent through competency-based learning experience management

Engage: Set goals, conduct reviews, and track performance ratings on one integrated platform. Allow employees to view and update progress, while managers can record review sessions


AI Enabled Recruitment

Oorwin's AI Enabled Recruitment boosts internal or external recruiter productivity and effectiveness, significantly reducing time-to-hire.

Increase: Boost internal or external recruiter productivity and effectiveness and significantly reduce time-to-hire.

Fulfill: Fill job roles faster with well qualified candidates using AI enabled prospecting.

Improve: Track leads and activities with advanced analytics to manage the entire recruitment cycle.