Boost Revenue Generation with Smarter Solutions Give your customers the personal attention and care they deserve with Oorwin Sales solutions

Customer Relationship & Opportunity Management

Access Customer Information Instantly

Tracking your customers’ information is essential, and shouldn’t be a drain on your employees’ time. That’s why Oorwin makes it easy to instantly search and access a customer’s information with powerful Sales capabilities

Use AI to Make Smart Decisions

Oorwin’s AI-powered platform helps identify customers with the most value to your company, so that you and your teams spend their time and resources where they matter most

Keep Your Team Focused and Informed

Because Oorwin allows you to gather, store, and update customer information, your sales staff can spend their time with customers making deals happen and pushing your company forward

Sales Improvement Platform

Empower your Business with Sales Automation

Leads & Opportunity Management

Identify and manage leads with AI-enabled deal finders and opportunity rankers.

Accounts/Contacts Management

Manage contacts from multiple sources. Spend less time managing data & more time with customers.

Campaign Management

Seamlessly integrate with other market-leading tools with ease.

Reporting & Analytics

Make the informed decisions with comprehensive reports and dashboards with AI-powered Analytics.

Mobile Enabled

Get real-time access to all features with the iOS & Android compatible mobile app.

Mail & SMS Campaging

Real-time engagement with prospects using web or mobile from the integrated system.

Connect to your Customers with a Dynamic Win-Win Strategy

Sales Opportunity Management

Create realistic sales opportunities with intelligent deal finder. Design activity/call reports and pull sales data in a few clicks.

Lead Management

Get a full view of your leads in the sales pipeline. Empower the sales team to make the right move at the right time & improve conversion processes.

Accounts & Contacts Management

Effectively manage the Accounts & Contact information from anywhere (Mails/Mobile). Intelligently pull required key contacts effortlessly.

Task Management

Prioritize tasks and prospects effectively with the smart task manager. Never miss important tasks with automated task reminders.

Convert Leads to Customers with Ingenious Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Management

Competently manage campaigns from the Oorwin platform, leveraging its smart automation templates. Plan, execute and analyze campaigns to create quick action items

Email Sync & Tagging

Never miss any important communication with real-time mail sync with Oorwin’s smart mail tagging

Reports & Dashboards

Extensive & user-intuitive Reports & Dashboards enable the workforce to make informed decisions at every stage

Calendar Feed Sync

Pull out events from the web calendars & sync with your events calendar

e-Docs & Proposals

Get streamlined document processing with customized e-docs and proposals

Seamless Integrations & Collaborations Improve Business Outcomes

  • Collaboration Tools

    Marketing tools ease ways to support customers across channels. Helps to improve your teamwork

  • Integrations-Marketing Platforms

    Integrations empower a unified platform to track & analyze customer activities. Helps to cut costs & build relationships

  • Integrations - Sales Platforms

    Allows native, third-party, and custom application integrations

  • Teams Sync

    Ensure all teams of marketing, sales, and support are organized, productive, and are in sync

AI Powered Sales Qualifies Leads Based on Customer Patterns

Intelligent Deal Finder

AI-enabled deal finder suggests deals intelligently based on the past customer behavior.

AI Powered Campaign Automation

Automate the campaign workflow intelligently based on the lead type and sales stage. Send targeted emails to prospects to drive sales.

AI Powered CRM
AI Powered Lead Scorer

Get smart recommendations about a prospect with the data in the system. The salesperson can view suggestions on how best to connect.

Access from anywhere (Gmail, Outlook, O365)

View client information and complete tasks directly from your mailbox.