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Get a detailed view of the lead funnel and revenue pipeline allowing timely course correction while improving team performance. Create custom workflows to enable transparency and flexibility in managing opportunities

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What our customers are saying

“The CRM was easily adopted by our team and integrated into our workflow seamlessly. Thanks to Oorwin, we are operating at our maximum efficiency and targeting to double our growth.”

Keith Brown
Director of Business Development
Nuvento Staffing Solutions

“Our sales conversion and revenue increased by 20% in 3 months. Credit to the Oorwin CRM which gives real-time insights on prospects and how to engage with them”

Victor Mitra
Vice President - Client Services
Millennium Infotech

“Fantastic experience with Oorwin. All the integrations and data migrations were hasslefree. As Oorwin promised, we started operating at our maximum efficiency within a week.”

VP - Human Resources
Softcom Systems, Inc.

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