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Most of the organizations today, tend to use terminologies such as accounts, contacts, leads, campaigns etc on a daily basis. This article will help you know the list of such terms and their meaning in Oorwin’s ATS, CRM & HRM. For your better understanding, I have divided the Oorwin terminologies according to the following modules:

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  • Generic
  • CRM
  • ATS
  • HRM

So, let’s start with the generic Oorwin terminologies.


Following are few Oorwin terminologies you can get started with:

Name Definition
Accounts Provides details of the client companies
Contacts Stores the information of the point of contact of the accounts
Hot List Stores the list of contacts you wish to communicate further
Tasks Consists the list of items to be executed for an account
Document Templates Helps you templatize various types of documents
Reports Provides detailed insights on the various leads, sales, accounts
Marketplace Find all the 3rd party app integrations here


Next, in this article on Oorwin Terminologies, let us look at a few terms and definitions you will find in Oorwin CRM.


Oorwin CRM has the following terms used in the portal.

Name Definition
Leads Refers to a person who may eventually become a client
Open This type of lead means that nobody has reached out the person to discuss the proposal
In Progress This type of lead means that someone from the internal team is already in touch with this person
Close Out – Converted This type of lead indicates a sales success and has been converted to a client
Close Out – Not Converted This type of lead indicates that the person wasn’t interested in the business proposal after discussion
Opportunities Refers to business that may eventually become a client. From the opportunity, we identify a lead whom we get in touch with to discuss the proposal.
Open  Refers to the type of opportunity, with whom we haven’t got in touch with
In Progress  Refers to the type of opportunity, with whom we have got in touch and the
Close Out  Refers to the type of opportunity, with whom we have got in touch and either the deal is closed/not.
Campaigns Contains a planned set of activities to attract new opportunities for the business
Sales Campaigns Refers to those the type of campaigns where the motive is to sell an internal product
Job Campaigns Refers to those the type of campaigns where the motive is to attract job seekers to fill in the company positions
Campaign Templates Design a template according to campaign requirements and add a list of the target audiences to execute the campaigns


Now, let me take you through a few terms and definitions you will find in Oorwin’s ATS.

Name Definition
Jobs Shows the details of all the available jobs, the recruiters and account managers handling them
Candidates Provides the details of the candidates applying for the open positions including their resume, contact details, social profiles etc.
Submissions Provides the list of submissions of candidates submitted for a particular job
Resource Pool Find all the details of the bench candidates
Perm Placements Stores the details of those types of candidates who are placed in the company for full-time roles
Training Provides you an option to create a training based on the requirements and add the attendees to it.
Harvesting Harvest resumes from emails, browsers, job boards. 
Job Grabber Creates automated job search bots to find jobs for resource pool candidates. 
Job Boards Provides a list of 3rd party job posting apps you can integrate with
Job Pipelines Provides details of pipeline candidate who is good enough for client or internal submission
Parse Resume Parse resumes from websites, job boards, career sites, social media, etc.
Agents Provides an opportunity to display the details of the pool candidates based on the keywords.


Finally, in this article about Oorwin terminologies, let me take you through a few terms and definitions you will find in our HRMS.

Name Definition
Employees Provides the list of employees and their details in your organization
Assignments Consolidates the assignment details given to the candidates during the hiring process
Timesheets Shows the details of the time spent by each candidate on an assignment
Expenses Provides the details of the expenses spent by each employee in an organization
Invoices Stores the details of all invoices raised and the amounts to be processed
Bills & Payments Has a list of bills and payments
Tasks Contains the list of items to be executed by the HR team
Documents Consolidates all the employee documents and policies
Onboarding Helps in the onboarding of an employee
Offboarding Refers to the exit management of an employee
Attendance Manages the attendance details, pending leaves, upcoming holidays, shift details, etc.
I9 Helps in streamlining the employee eligibility verification process
Employee Reporting Structure Streamlines the reporting structure of an employee
Organization Hierarchy Displays the organizational hierarchy at top-level management
Referral Portal Provides an option for the employees to refer their friends, colleagues for an open position in their current organization


With this, we come to an end to this list on Oorwin Terminologies. You can refer to more such terms in Oorwin Products Glossary here. If you are interested to know more about Oorwin’s products, take a product tour today or contact us on +91-8977801805 / USA: +1877-766-7946 to talk to our product advisors.

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