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Merge Accounts in Oorwin

Merge Accounts in Oorwin

Accounts in Oorwin represent the companies or the organizations you are currently dealing with. Oorwin provides you with an option to merge multiple accounts and maintain transparency in data. If you wish to get a detailed understanding of what are accounts and their features you can refer to our article on Account Features.

  • Now, to merge accounts in Oorwin, you must go to the Accounts dashboard from the left-hand side menu and click on the Merge Accounts button.

Merge Account - Accounts in Oorwin - Oorwin

  • Next, choose a minimum of 2 Accounts required to merge, and then click on Next.

Add Two Accounts - Accounts in Oorwin - Oorwin

  • Then, you have to choose an account as the master account. Here, please note that the account selected as the master account will be the account saved with other details.

Note: You can also choose from the following fields, that must be considered and should be migrated to the master account. So, basically merging these accounts will keep only the master record with the other details selected.

  • Once you choose the fields and the master account, click on Merge.

Merge Accounts - Accounts in Oorwin - Oorwin

After you click on Merge, you will observe that only the master account is present in the database with the updated details. The merge account feature of Oorwin helps you maintain transparency and fewer duplicate values in the database.

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