Oorwin’s Integration with Spark Hire Announcement

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Oorwin Announces Integration with Spark Hire, Enhancing AI-Driven Talent Intelligence Cycle

Oorwin, a leading SaaS-based platform for AI-Driven Talent Acquisition & Management and Recruiter Productivity & Effectiveness, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Spark Hire, the #1 rated video interviewing software. This integration is set to revolutionize the hiring process for thousands of organizations globally, providing a more efficient and robust talent acquisition process.

The integration of Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform and Oorwin’s AI-driven talent recruitment platform will enable organizations to make faster, more informed hiring decisions. Recruiters can easily manage their candidate pipeline from within the Oorwin platform, improving recruitment strategies with Oorwin’s 100+ integrations.

Ravi Daparthi, CTO of Oorwin, commented, “Video interviews integrated with ATS will surely streamline the hiring process by improving the candidate experience and decision-making. I am excited to see the positive impact of this integration on the recruitment industry.”

This partnership will allow recruiters to automatically send video interview invitations to candidates within the Oorwin platform, easily share and review video interviews with the team, streamline the interview process, reduce hiring time, and enhance the candidate experience.

Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, stated, “We believe this integration will help recruiters make more informed and faster hiring decisions, improving critical talent acquisition and management metrics for companies globally.”

Oorwin, with its ease of use and simplicity, is positioned to change traditional recruiting practices, hiring, and customer experience. At the same time, Spark Hire empowers organizations to improve the speed and quality of hiring with innovative video interview software. Oorwin and Spark Hire will provide customers with a more integrated and seamless video interviewing experience.

About Oorwin:

Oorwin is a powerful AI-powered talent intelligence software that helps organizations quickly source, engage, and select candidates. With Oorwin, recruiters can improve their recruitment strategies with its 100+ integrations. From searching candidates to onboarding, Oorwin accompanies the recruiter throughout the journey. It is trusted by hundreds of customers across the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.



About Spark Hire:

Spark Hire is the #1 rated video interviewing platform on the market, empowering more than 6,000 organizations to improve the speed and quality of hiring with its innovative software. With unmatched customer service and fair and transparent pricing, Spark Hire has been the go-to video interview platform for over a decade.



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