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The Meaning and Importance of Virtual Interviews

A virtual interview is conducted remotely via video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Conducting a virtual interview comes with many benefits. It allows people to participate in an interview even if they are outside the exact geographical location. It also helps discover better talents by using a more efficient recruitment process. The cost and time of onboarding are reduced to quite a remarkable extent. 

5 Essential Methods for an Effective Virtual Interview Process 

With numerous benefits, virtual interviews are indeed a blessing for companies. However, it is important to follow specific guidelines to get the most out of this process. Here are some ways to make the virtual hiring process more effective.

Giving Candidates Adequate Time To Prepare 

A candidate appearing for a virtual interview must be provided adequate time before the interview. It allows the candidate to be better prepared and have a fair opportunity to give their best to the interview. It also provides a level playing field to the candidate appearing virtually compared to the one appearing offline. 

Preparing a Relevant Questionnaire

A well-prepared questionnaire plays a big role in executing a virtual interview. To choose the best from the lot, it is essential to be prepared with relevant questions. Here are some of the key tips:

  1. Frame the questions related to the job description.
  2. Ask open-ended questions to make the conversation exciting and analyze the candidate’s behavioral pattern.
  3. Ask questions that help in determining the candidate’s leadership skills.

Testing Equipment before Interview

A virtual interview requires a computer, a software program, and a reliable internet connection. To have a seamless interview experience, one must check them to ensure it works effectively. Any fluctuations with the equipment can deprive the organization of onboarding the best talents. Therefore, prioritizing the equipment test is a must while conducting a virtual interview.

Observing the body language of the candidate 

While taking an interview, it is important to judge the candidate’s views and opinions along with their way of expressing them. However, in the case of a virtual interview, the body language analysis is complex due to limited camera coverage. However, it is possible only if the interviewer is observant enough to read through the lines. The broad criteria of judgment are:-

  1. If the interviewee maintains appropriate eye contact with the interviewer even during difficult questions, the person is confident and calm. 
  2. During virtual interviews, starting with a smile is also a good gesture. 

Following Up with the Candidates 

A follow-up mail is one of the best ways to win over the candidates. These small gestures boost the candidates’ confidence regarding the company and its culture, making them even more interested in joining the company. It is also a way of showing courtesy and valuing their hard work. Furthermore, a follow-up mail also gives an idea to the candidates about when and how they can expect further information about the interview. 

Preparation for Virtual Interviews

 Virtual interviews have become a necessity of the new era. Adequate preparations are required to make the best out of the interview process. Companies that opt for the virtual interview process should keep certain important things in mind, such as selecting reliable software to facilitate the interview process. Secondly, keeping the devices well-updated by clearing out the cookies and caches. And most importantly, maintain a well-structured email system to keep the candidates posted with the rules and regulations and other mandatory details about the interview.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process of a virtual Interview? 

The virtual interview process is like the in-person interview but is conducted remotely using either video conferencing or software. 

How to engage candidates virtually? 

The key to a proper engagement is keeping yourself prepared. Prepare open-ended questions so that it is easy to know the candidates better.

What is the purpose of virtual interviews? 

Virtual interviews are conducted to make hiring easy, hassle-free, cost-effective, and efficient, along with hiring the best talents from all around the world.

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