4 Major Challenges Service Companies Face with Talent Sourcing

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The right talent sourcing is important for every company- starting from small and mid-sized firms to larger ones including multi-national companies. Hiring the right talent is pivotal for organizational success, but recruiting has been one of the most challenging aspects of HR, especially for technology and product-based companies. The major segment of the industry that sources candidates includes the consulting and staffing companies along with a large number of recruitment vendors and sub-vendors.

Challenges with Talent Sourcing - Challenges with Talent Sourcing - Oorwin

These sourcing agencies are the key activity partners who manage all the recruitment activities. They build candidate networks using social media channels and various other modes. But, today these agencies face a lot of challenges, especially with respect to the sourcing of candidates in the IT industry.

Major Challenges faced by Talent Sourcing Specialists

There is no doubt that the candidate landscape is changing with evolving technologies. Some of the major factors that continue to bother the recruiting specialists are as follows:


  1. Ever-changing candidate base: It is vital for recruitment specialists to understand the job market from time to time. They should keep track of the changing candidate pool and understand the unique needs and desires of Millennials and Baby boomers to deal with them.
  2.  Demand for emerging technology specialists: There has been a jump in technology as new emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, NLP, Robotic Process Automation experts are in more demand. There is also more need for Data Scientists and the jump in technology obviously creates a divide majorly at the candidate level and at the talent acquisition specialist’s level. The right approach at this level is a priority.
  3.  An intrinsic need to generate great candidate experience: During the hiring process, it is important for the recruiters to enable a good experience else it creates a negative impact on the branding of the company. Even if a candidate is rejected, the recruiter has to generate a good experience such that it does not impact the future talent pool.
  4.  Emerging trends (AI-based) in recruiting technology: With the changing times and needs, the recruitment sector has seen some automated AI-enabled recruiting solutions gaining importance. Thus, with the technological need at a higher-end, the recruitment agencies should adopt recruitment solutions leveraging AI to ease the hiring process and to get quality hires faster.

With Artificial Intelligence all around, consulting agencies should be smart while selecting the right fit with the right skill set and with the required expertise in a particular domain. Undoubtedly, finding the right talent is a herculean task, but with AI-enabled integrated ATS, HRMS, and CRM Platforms, it becomes easy to source the right fit, improve recruiter’s efficiency, and reduce time to hire by 40%.

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