Top KPIs to Measure and Boost Recruiting Productivity

October 22nd 2020
11:30 AM ET | 9:00 PM IST

The way we recruit and hire talent is evolving at breakneck speed and staffing businesses need to adapt to this shifting landscape in order to stay competitive. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can provide staffing and consulting businesses with much needed insight into their strengths and weaknesses and help them fine-tune their strategies to ensure the best business outcomes.

Join our webinar ‘Top KPIs to Measure and Boost Recruiting Productivity’ to learn about the most effective KPIs and to discover how the indicators can help you improve recruiting performance.

We will be evaluating each of the key indicators in detail, explore their meaning in the context of recruitment, and learn how tracking these KPIs can save you vast amounts of time, effort and resources.

The top KPIs we will be discussing in this webinar are:

  • Application Completion Rates
  • Sourcing Effectiveness
  • Retention Rates
  • Offer Acceptance Ratio
  • Workforce Diversity
Venkat Kolli
CEO, Oorwin Labs

Venkat manages and oversees Strategy, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Finance and people across the organization. Prior to joining Oorwin, he has been managing large and medium consulting and staffing services organizations across the US, India & other geographies.

Jason Clayton
Vice President, Business Centric Technology

Jason Clayton is a seasoned professional in the IT consulting arena with 20 years of experience. He has extensive experience in IT staffing, software and IT project related solutions.