Powering remote teams

All your employees, projects, and customers under one roof
Oorwin Global ATS platform

Experience that matters for your business

Enable frictionless collaboration across teams, geographies, and devices. Your customers, employees and vendors get a unified experience of the platform with our automations, app integrations, workflow customization, and detailed reports and analytics

Remove the remote frictions

Get an integrated view of business – sales, recruitment and human resource. With over 50+ pre-built templates and on the fly editing, you own the momentum at every stage of the business.

Oorwin- integrated view of business – sales, recruitment and human resource
Oorwin-Text recruit

Call and text from anywhere

Whether you are remote hiring or remote selling – reaching new prospects and candidates can be done real-time with the in-app calling system. Call activities and messaging are automatically synced with the platform while keeping the information accessible to the whole team

Reduce bench time

With our instant job grabber, you can save precious bench time of your employees by identifying relevant job opportunities and marketing the profiles by finding suitable jobs for their skills.

Oorwin-instant job grabber
Oorwin + Business

Oorwin + your business tools

With our seamless email integrations – Gmail, Outlook or your custom inbox, you can eliminate data entry tasks and save productive hours. Upload of customer contacts, conversations, resumes, jobs and candidate data is triggered directly from your inbox into the platform and vice versa.

Loved by managers and teams

Wherever you’re getting work done, our custom reports and analytics keeps everyone in the loop. Single view of the business ensures you make proactive decisions on fresh hiring, customer issues and employee experience

Oorwin - Custom reports

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