The What & Why of Text Recruiting

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Texting is one of the fastest modes of communication with a response time of only 90 seconds. Over the last five years, recruiters have also started to include texting into their recruitment strategy.

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Research shows that the opening rate of recruiter texts is almost five times more than that of emails. With a response rate of almost 70%, text messages ensure better engagement, faster responses, and catch the attention of passive candidates.

Text recruiting significantly reduces the cost and time-to-hire as the candidate’s intention is known from the first contact itself. By making communication easier, faster, and available in a candidate-friendly format, recruiters can speed up the entire recruiting process without any additional cost associated with social media or job boards posting.

Additionally, recruiters can customize the text message templates to suit their needs. Texting is the best way to let candidates know that they are valued and important to the recruiter. These days, recruiters are also using text messages to receive feedback and run surveys about candidate experience after the interview. It is proven that candidates are more honest in sharing their experience over text rather than on survey papers.

Candidates prefer to work for a company whose recruiters reach out to them promptly with texts and are easily accessible. However, text recruiting does not only mean announcing jobs over texts. A successful strategy also includes providing quick updates about interviews, application status, onboarding notification, etc. to the candidate.

However, there are some rules of text recruiting that should be followed at all times. They are:

  • Avoiding asking questions that require descriptive answers
  • Allowing candidates to easily unsubscribe from receiving text updates
  • Ending each message with a single call-to-action
  • Identifying your organization with each new text chain
  • Follow up with the candidate after each stage of the recruiting process

More than 80% recruiters report that using text recruiting has proved to be a quick and better way to reach candidates. Additionally, a poorly planned text recruiting campaign can appear as intruding and may deteriorate your reputation as a recruiter. However, with intelligent AI-enabled talent management system available in the market, recruiters can even automate the whole process to make sure their text recruiting campaign is a success.


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