Oorwin Marketplace: Seamless Integrations & Endless Possibilities

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Easily access and interact with all your business applications, job boards, VMS, CRM, email, payroll systems, and more, right from the Oorwin Marketplace portal. When it comes to recruitment, staffing solutions, and human resource management, there is a host of technologies offering innovative solutions to unique problems that businesses face.

As such, most organizations use a mix of technologies or applications including ATS, CRM, HRM, VMS, job boards, email, payroll management systems, etc. to meet their unique needs. Using so many different applications, managing the logins and passwords, moving information between them, and ensuring consistency in data can all get a bit overwhelming. 

Oorwin tackles this challenge head-on and offers a vast array of marketplace integrations to help organizations improve their business outcomes. These integrations offer seamless, two-way interaction with your favorite business applications to increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and deliver growth.

Oorwin Marketplace

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Read on to see the wide array of staffing technologies you can leverage using the Oorwin marketplace to create a seamless business solution that is tailored for your organization.

Business applications

Businesses rely on a variety of applications to manage various processes. Typically, there are around five or more tools that any organization uses to manage the business at any given time.

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Oorwin’s integration with Zapier opens the doors to infinite possibilities. The integration allows you to connect over 1,000+ of your favorite business applications directly from Oorwin.

You can move information and data between the applications automatically and create workflows that match your business needs.

Job boards

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Oorwin offers integrations with all major job boards including Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, TechFetch, SnapRecruitm, SheJobs, along with a whole range of free job boards.

The integrations allow you to publish jobs on multiple boards simultaneously and save the effort and resources spent on manually logging into each job board, downloading documents, copying information, uploading and pasting relevant information, etc.

Along with major job boards, Oorwin also offers full integration with career sites of prime vendors like TekSystems, Randstad USA, Judge Group, etc.

Oorwin’s also offers social media publishing to give your recruiters access to a wider and more diverse pool of candidates. The recruiters can now share jobs, engage with candidates and boost brand loyalty with Oorwin’s integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Accounting & Payroll 

Oorwin offers full integration with softwares like Quickbooks and GreytHR to unify accounting and payroll with your other business processes.

The payroll integrations allow you to manage payments and automate payroll functionalities directly from Oorwin. You can easily generate invoices, manage bills, track projects, and get customized financial reports.

The payroll integrations save you a lot of time and effort by automating the entire process from invoice generation to payments.


Oorwin’s email integrations not only allow you to send emails directly from the portal along with email thread responses being captured on the platform. It also works the other way round where you can perform all your recruitment, HR, and sales tasks directly from your inbox with Oorwin plugins for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. Oorwin also lets you handle all your sales and recruitment tasks directly from your inbox with full access to notes, comments, resumes, and jobs without having to switch applications.

The integration also offers the capabilities to run campaigns, send mass emails, share hotlists, create custom templates, and more right from the Oorwin platform.


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With remote work rapidly becoming the new norm, effective communication is emerging to be one of the biggest challenges businesses are currently facing.  

Oorwin offers integrations with multiple VoIP services including Vonage, Vitel Global, VoIP Office, 3CX, and more to deliver seamless communication with advanced communication tracking.

The integration allows you to make calls, attach notes to the conversation, and track all communication metrics including call durations, number of calls made, etc. Oorwin also offers in-app text message integrations to boost communication.


With 1,000+ integrations from suppliers, vendors, and third-party service providers, Oorwin marketplace lets you create an eco-system that delivers seamless information exchange, increases efficiency, and improves collaboration across your organization.