7 Oorwin Integrations That Will Help You Hire Faster

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When it comes to hiring, time is of the essence. If you don’t push candidates through the pipeline quickly enough, they may lose interest or choose another company. They may even question the legitimacy of your organization. On the other hand, a speedy hiring process indicates that you value your candidates’ time and that you’re worthy of having their talent on your team. This article on Oorwin integrations will help you understand the top technology integrations you can use to achieve faster hiring process.

There are many challenges that recruiters face, and all of them can impede the hiring process, but there are many factors you can control. One of the easiest ways to speed up your hiring process is to use the right AI tools and software. AI saves time on basic tasks like screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and tracking applicants. 

Oorwin is proud to offer a suite of integrations with some of the most popular HR software providers. These integrations allow you to connect your Oorwin account with your ATS or CRM so that you can manage all of your hiring processes in one place. 

7 Oorwin Integrations That You Will Love!

7 Oorwin Integrations That Will Help You Hire Faster - Oorwin Integrations - Oorwin

1. LinkedIn 

These days, LinkedIn integration is the status quo for ATS integrations. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 810 million members. Oorwin is the 1st global partner to integrate with LinkedIn for posting jobs. 

However, the best thing about integrating LinkedIn with Oorwin is that you can get information about candidates onto ATS, edit jobs and view your candidate pipeline all right from our platform with a single sign-in. Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that you have a cohesive recruitment process from start to finish. 

The next Oorwin integration that we will discuss is a job board: Dice.

2. Dice 

Dice is one of the top job boards for tech professionals. With over one million jobs listed and more than two million active candidates, Dice is a great resource for recruiters filling technical positions. 

Oorwin’s Dice integration allows you to leverage Dice’s rich data with Oorwin’s powerful Artificial Intelligence platform. Together, they are an unstoppable duo. 

Without needing to leave Oorwin’s platform, you can search through candidates on dice, post jobs in a single click, and parse candidates directly into your ATS. You can even track Dice candidates through the entire hiring process and score them on their fit for your role. 

Moving ahead, let’s discuss Oorwin’s integration with Zapier.

3. Zapier 

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect different software applications. It works by “zapping” two applications together so that data can automatically transfer between them. Joining applications can save a lot of time and hassle when managing your hiring process. For recruiters, Zapier integrations are a must-have. 

Oorwin’s Zapier integration lets you connect Oorwin with over 1,000 other applications, including ATSs, CRMs, and social media platforms. Then, with just a few clicks, you can have all of your data automatically transferred between Oorwin and the other application. Together, Zapier and Oorwin give you a unified view of your hiring process and make it easy to track candidates from start to finish. 

Next in this article let us discuss,  Oorwin integration with Naukri.com

4. Naukri 

India’s largest job board has partnered with us to provide an unparalleled job search experience to candidates. With over 75,000+ jobs listed and millions of active candidates, Naukri is a valuable resource for recruiters seeking to fill India positions. 

The Naukri integration allows you to: 

  • Search through the entire Nakuri database of candidates 
  • Post jobs in minutes 
  • Parse resumes directly into your ATS 
  • Track applicants through the hiring process

5. Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 & Chrome 

Whether you use Google Suite or Microsoft, Oorwin has you covered. With our Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and Chrome integrations, you can manage all of your hiring, sales, and human resources process straight from your inbox. Without leaving the platform, you have full access to notes, resumes, interviews, and hiring data. 

You can even sync your calendar with Oorwin to schedule interviews without ever having to leave your email! With all of these integrations, you’ll be able to save time on basic tasks and focus on what’s important: finding the best candidates for your organization. 

Moving ahead let us understand Oorwin integration with Zoom.

6. Zoom 

In the remote workplace, video interviews are a must. Zoom is one of the most popular video interview platforms, and Oorwin has integrated with it to make the process easy for recruiters. 

With our Zoom integration, you can: 

  • Schedule and conduct interviews with candidates without leaving your Oorwin workspace 
  • Track who has been interviewed and when they are next available 
  • Review candidate interviews with your team 

Zoom integration is a great way to quickly and easily assess candidates for remote positions. With just a few clicks, you can have all of the data you need right at your fingertips. 

Finally, let us understand how to integrate HackerEarth with Oorwin.

7. HackerEarth 

HackerEarth is a global community of developers. As a result, HackerEarth is a valuable resource for recruiters looking to fill technical positions with over two million registered users. 

The HackerEarth integration allows you to create and share customizable templates. This template integration helps share questionnaires with a large pool of candidates in a single click. 

Additionally, you can set criteria for filtering candidates and score them on their fit for your role. These criteria make it easy to find the best developers from many applicants. 

If they have assignments, you can also check their completion status so that you can respond more quickly and move them through the candidate pipeline. 

These are just a few of the integrations that are available through Oorwin. With our platform, you have everything you need to manage your hiring process quickly and easily. Try out a few of our integrations in a demo and see how they can help streamline your workflow!