Oorwin, now in India and Singapore

Technology has been slow to respond to the needs of the staffing and consulting industry. This has left them struggling with legacy software that is neither agile nor efficient enough to adapt to challenges at speed. 

We introduced Oorwin to fill this technology gap with a robust, scalable, and agile platform. Since the day we started, we have been relentless in making this happen. 

And today, we make a big leap in this endeavor by adding the India and Singapore versions to our platform. 

Now, our customers based in these two geographies can bring their entire operation under one Oorwin roof with Oorwin’s Integrated CRM, ATS & HR

Most companies with businesses across the US, India, and Singapore had to work on different tools to support the operations across these regions. With this major upgrade, we’ve done away with one of the biggest pains of the staffing and consulting industry.

Our teams have been working tirelessly, getting ready for this upgrade. We’re really excited about this and can’t wait for you to try our platform with both these versions.

We are live in India and Singapore

You can now manage India and Singapore operations via a single login, along with the US operations. The new unified view of the business allows more control, accountability, and transparency for all functions. 

We have added new features for our India and Singapore users. These include integration with top job portals and tailoring the product to local requirements. 

Integration — everything in one place

The India-specific version of Oorwin allows you to easily surf and use prominent job portals such as Naukri and Monster, making it easier for hiring managers to post job openings. It also helps you identify and hire the right candidates for your projects.

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The Singapore-specific version allows hiring managers to use the Monster job portal to reduce the workload of recruiters and, at the same time, get the best candidates.

We’ve integrated our India-specific version of Oorwin with Google Chrome so you can easily access all the job portals.

Solving for bigger challenges

Over the years, we learned that two major challenges facing our customers are closing deals and making the right hires on time. Both these are critical to customer satisfaction and revenue.

Keeping this in mind, we introduced local market-specific features to make it easier for you to solve these challenges and added features to optimize your experience.

Region-specific features — vocal for local 

Hiring practices differ from country to country. While the US has hiring practices that revolve around contractual or temporary recruitment, in Asia, hiring mainly focuses on one-time placement. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve added new features that will help you make the right hires in India and Singapore. You can enter contact details, select educational degrees, and use onboarding procedures and templates specific to these countries.

Monster integration, Naukri integration, CRM software, ATS Software, Oorwin software, HRMS Software, Product launch, SIngapore HRMS software, Singapore ATS, Singapore CRM

Some exciting features of the Indian and Singapore version of our product to increase productivity include :

  • Now, our resume parser is updated to meet the users’ requirements which means all the candidate details are entered in the same format as it should be maintained in the operating region.

  • When the onboarding process starts, the related templates, documents, and forms will be in line with the region that you are hiring from. For example, if the candidates are in India, then the platform mandates that they enter their Aadhar number, PAN card number, etc. If the candidates are in Singapore, then they are required to enter their National Registration Identity Card number, etc.

Monster integration, Naukri integration, CRM software, ATS Software, Oorwin software, HRMS Software, Product launch, SIngapore HRMS software, Singapore ATS, Singapore CRM

Oorwin CTO, Ravi Daparthi, said, “While the staffing and consulting industry is undergoing a drastic change, there are many companies who are still using old technologies for their daily tasks. With the integrated Oorwin CRM, ATS, and HRMS platform, companies can easily strengthen their sales, recruitment, and human resource processes with automation.

Streamline customer management—Win more deals

With Oorwin you can streamline your sales process and get leads you can then follow up and convert. Here’s how:

  • It’s essential to collect your customers’ information, but this shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. Oorwin allows you to search for details easily and instantly with powerful search capabilities and manage the time-bound tasks easily and effectively. 
  • You can grow your business only if you have a pool of valued customers. Oorwin’s AI-powered platform helps you identify sales leads easily.
  • You can also easily gather, store, and update customer information, so your employees can focus on value-adding tasks such as speaking with customers, making deals happen.
  • Most importantly, you can use our in-app phone calling system to reach out to prospects with ease. The call records get synced with the platform for tracking and monitoring.

Simplifying recruitment—hire the right candidates 

Hiring managers and recruiters love having all the candidate information in a single, easy-to-view record, while candidates are impressed by fast and informative responses from their potential employer. 

Once you select candidates, you can view their performance, which makes the selection process quick and hassle-free. 

Oorwin has a comprehensive ATS that accelerates recruitment efforts with an easy-to-use interface by providing these useful features:

  • You can select candidates with the relevant experience and skills automatically by using Oorwin’s intelligent search and matching criteria. The AI-enabled ranking makes it easier to reach the right candidates in a short time.
  • You can download resumes from all the portals with a single click after which it creates candidate profiles instantly and matches candidates with job positions.
  • The AI-enabled platform even notifies you if past candidates match new jobs, thus reducing acquisition and recruiting costs. 

Try Oorwin

If you’re new and want to get a single platform that can serve you across multiple geographies and integrates CRM, ATS, and HRMS, try Oorwin. Take a 7-day free trial. And if you need help, write to us at hello@oorwin.com.