Oorwin CRM: Automate sales process and increase productivity with AI-enabled insights

Oorwin CRM is built for staffing and consulting companies and deploys cutting-edge technology to increase productivity and revenue. 

Oorwin’s state-of-the-art platform uses AI to identify new opportunities and assists your sales team in closing more deals fast while also saving them time and effort through fully automated, customizable customer engagement campaigns. 

Identify more opportunities, generate more revenue

Oorwin’s sales CRM organizes all your prospect, client, job and candidate data in one robust database to help your sales team discover new opportunities, close more deals and increase revenue.

Oorwin guarantees minimum bench time by analyzing your entire resource pool and all available opportunities and making timely suggestions that increase workforce productivity and maximize profitability. 

Oorwin CRM analyzes the entire client lifecycle and all previous deals to offer you intelligent sales forecasting. Our platform provides Deal Closure Probability rating to help sales teams discover new opportunities and close more deals.

Customer Data Management

Oorwin lets you completely automate your sales funnel and helps you manage and nurture new opportunities with fully customizable templates and upto one million email throughput per day.

You can add, merge, import, export, and filter client and prospect account details as per your requirements, create custom target lists, and automate all your campaigns saving your sales team hours of their valuable time. 

Customer Insights

If you are looking for the details of an organization to add them to your sales funnel, Oorwin can fetch customer details such as company information, revenues, year of establishment for no extra cost. 

Oorwin CRM can also fetch customer contact details with its Search Contact feature that pulls all available emails for the company from the open web instantly. The data results also show the source of the contact for better referencing. Oorwin also lets you define your client types and create your own nomenclature for the contacts.

Campaign Management

Oorwin CRM lets you manage all your campaigns directly from the platform. The feature also provides custom templates for specific campaigns, hotlists etc. Once the campaign is live, Oorwin shares real-time metrics like open rates, click rates, unsubscribed etc 

Effective Funnel Management

Oorwin CRM helps you keep track of your entire sales funnel and manage every opportunity through the entire lifecycle. You can customise and define your own workflows and stages and then move the prospects through the stages as they progress.

Oorwin’s simple and user-friendly dashboard helps the entire sales team and management stay updated on the progress of any given lead.

Oorwin’s automated task reminders, call reports, and smart task manager make it a robust opportunity management system geared towards efficiency and increased productivity.

Digital Signatures

Oorwin’s in-app digital signature functionality and in-built document customization helps sales teams nurture and close more deals fast with hassle-free approvals.

Once a contract is drafted, the client can simply sign the document directly on their platform and send it back thereby speeding up the turnaround time in a sales process to several fold.

In-app communication

Oorwin also offers in-app calling through VoIP integrations and messaging capabilities. This enables 

  • easy collaboration across teams 
  • Faster response times between representatives and clients
  • visibility of all information in the form of reports for call records, time spent etc

Out-of-box integrations

Oorwin CRM can be used stand-alone or as a bundled solution along with Oorwin ATS and HRMS to deliver the most effective and profitable sales, recruitment and HR management.

Oorwin is also tied with all major job boards like Dice, Naukri, Indeed etc. It also has a very robust Vendor Management System with integrations across many prime vendors.

Oorwin’s Chrome, GMail, Outlook, Office 365 plugin integrations have the capability to make your browser or inbox – your CRM. The integrations allow you to fetch client, candidate and job data, submit candidates, find jobs and close deals–all while offering your sales team a range of data-driven insights for better decision-making–right in the mailbox/browser!

Customer testimonials

Oorwin CRM delivered a 74% increase in sales and recruiter productivity for a New York-based staffing services company. Before Oorwin, they were using multiple tools for different functionalities with long turn-around times 

A New-Jersey headquartered IT staffing firm, that has been providing services to both the private and public sector for over a decade, is now able to onboard new clients in less than half the time with Oorwin CRM. Oorwin’s single sign-in platform helped them manage all the contacts, leads, documents and communication from one application that streamlined and sped up the onboarding process.

With a hassle-free assisted migration process and unmatched 24/7 support, Oorwin CRM requires little or no training and delivers a superior experience for all from day one.  

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