Oorwin Recapped: Our top 10 launches of 2020

Oorwin - Top 10 launches of 2020

Oorwin Wrapped 2020: Top 10 features our customers loved

It has really been an unprecedented year full of uncertainties, surprises, and challenges. Starting with the sudden shift to remote work, businesses across the world—and especially those in the staffing and consulting services industry—faced numerous hurdles throughout the year.

At Oorwin, we decided very early on to turn this crisis into an opportunity to deliver better value to our customers. So we doubled our efforts, expanded our teams, and found innovative solutions to tackle the new challenges our customers faced.

Our teams worked hard throughout 2020 to develop and launch exciting new features that immediately translated into value for our customers.

Here are the top 10 features that were a big hit with our customers.

  1. ⚡ Accurate, lighting-fast recruitment with AI:

    Find the most suitable candidates for any job and rank them based on intelligent skill match percentages with Oorwin’s AI-powered semantic search algorithms that go beyond keywords to make sure you always make the most profitable recruitment decisions.

  2. 🔻 Reduce bench time, 🔺  increase resource pool productivity:

    Create automated job search agents that crawl multiple job boards at specific intervals to find the best opportunities for your resource pool, improve resource utilization, and minimize bench time with Oorwin’s state-of-the-art Job Grabber.

  3. 🎓  Get intelligence from sales, recruitment, and HR data:

    Create visualizations, run analytics, and extract actionable insights from ATS, CRM, and HRM data with Oorwin’s Power BI integration. You can also access and process all your Oorwin data directly on the Power BI application.

  4. 🚚  Recruit at scale with single-click job publishing:

    Double recruiter productivity by making the drawn-out manual job publishing process instantaneous with Oorwin’s single-click bulk publishing to job boards, career sites, and social media. Configure ‘Auto-Refresh’ to make sure your listing remains visible, relevant, and up to date.

  5. 📫  Browser and email plugins to boost productivity:

    Perform all your sales, recruitment, and HR tasks and activities right from the convenience of your inbox, browser, or mobile email application with Oorwin’s feature-rich browser and email plugins for Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

  6. 🤖 Increase candidate engagement with a chatbot:

    Automate communications and engage multiple candidates simultaneously to improve recruiter productivity. Use Oorwin’s fully-customizable chatbot to communicate with shortlisted candidates, perform checks, and request documents automatically and without any manual intervention.

  7. 💪 Boost email open and click-through rates:

    Run effective sales campaigns with AI-powered lead nurturing and easily manage your entire sales funnel with Oorwin CRM. Increase email open and click-through rates with personalizable templates, and track the effectiveness of all your campaigns from a single dashboard.

  8. 🛢️ In-app VoIP calling and bulk messages:

    Let your sales teams, recruiters, and HR managers make VoIP phone calls and send text messages directly from the Oorwin platform. Schedule timely reports on the number of calls made, the duration, and the outcomes so managers and executives can easily track all communications.

  9. ✍️ Digital signatures for swift remote onboarding:

    Onboard candidates easily with Oorwin’s in-built digital signatures for quick approvals and digital contract signing. Use Oorwin’s secure and intelligent document management with expiry reminders to ensure full legal and immigration compliance.

  10. 🏖️  Remote-ready leave and holiday management:

    Manage the leave and holiday plans for all your employees, locations, and countries, from easy-to-use, role-based dashboards. Configure custom approvals workflows and implement multiple leaves and holiday plans tailored for a particular region, country, or demography.

Now, as we begin a new year, Oorwin remains focused on innovating solutions to help staffing businesses scale their operations, boost efficiency, and maximize revenues.

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