Campaign Management : Run effective sales campaigns with AI-powered lead nurturing on Oorwin

Campaign Management with Oorwin CRM

Boost email open and click-through rates and maximize engagement with emails automatically tailored to each recipient

Tired of sending individual emails to leads and prospects? Wish there was an easier way to manage all your sales campaigns?

Oorwin CRM lets you manage your entire sales funnel, nurture more leads and improve prospect engagement with effective campaign email management.

That’s not all. You can also send pre-drafted hotlist emails to selected contacts with just a click of a button! 

Finally, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns and get all the relevant insights from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. 

Read on to find out how!


Create effective emails

The effectiveness of any mail campaign would depend largely on having the right set of the target audience.

For staffing companies that have a resource pool or that employee bench candidates, you can create targeted lists of recipients with common attributes and save them as hotlists with a keyword specific name.

This way, there are no hassles or additional time and effort needed in filtering the data to set up a focussed campaign.


Personalize emails for better engagement

Generic, run-of-the-mills emails can be a big turn-off and can do more harm than good when it comes to sales, marketing campaigns. 

Emails that are personalized and look professional have a direct impact on click-through rates.

Our intelligent email composer lets you draft email templates using placeholders for various details including company name, client or prospect names, vendors and candidates.

These details are auto-filled with the relevant information when you send the mail so you never have to copy and paste anything manually. 


Send emails to multiple recipients 

Oorwin CRM also lets you create multiple recipient groups based on requirements and their position in the sales funnel.

With all your emails templated with appropriate placeholders, all you need to do is select the right recipient or group of recipients and click send.

Oorwin CRM lets you create a vast range of recipient groups and also lets you filter recipients based on their lead status, industry, department, country, and much more.

This makes sure your emails always reach the desired recipient.


Track email metrics, improve targeting

Oorwin CRM gives you real-time metrics on various parameters including invalid addresses, bounced, delivered, opened, unsubscribed, and more.

The campaign reports are presented on our unique campaigns dashboard that helps you easily analyse your campaign success to further refine your targeting and increase engagement.

You can now easily analyze your data to see who’s engaging with your emails and what are the most popular emails, links and documents. These insights can help you improve your targeting and drastically increase conversion rates.


Boost campaign success with Oorwin

Oorwin CRM helps you easily track and manage your sales and marketing campaigns while providing you with actionable metrics and analytics at every step.

You can easily track all emails sent to a particular lead or prospect, add notes and other relevant documents to a robust database.

Our CRM platform also improves knowledge transfer and collaboration by ensuring your entire organization is on the same page.


Tap into the Oorwin advantage

Oorwin’s integrated, AI-powered platform is designed to help staffing companies grow while delivering an exceptional client, prospect, candidate and employee experience.

Our unique, AI-powered Deal Closure Probability is one of the most useful tools when it comes to deciding which deals are worth chasing.

This useful feature takes into account all the past engagements with the prospect or client, analyzes previous submissions, and checks all available candidates and skills to provide you with an accurate deal closure probability rating. 

Oorwin’s integrated, AI-powered platform brings your entire staffing business under one umbrella to ensure maximum efficiency and improve collaboration across sales, recruitment and HR.


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