Call and text anywhere across India right from Oorwin

ATS, Text Recruiting, VoIP, Integrated solution

Oorwin now offers in-app voice calling (VoIP) and messaging (SMS) across India right from our platform with VoxValley integration

Effective communication remains one of the most important aspects for any business, more so for staffing. Slow and inefficient communication between recruiters, candidates, sales reps, prospects, HR admins and employees can have a negative impact on the revenue stream of any staffing business.

For staffing businesses that are operating in India, Oorwin, with its integration with VoxValley, now brings integration and secure and swift communication by offering dedicated phone numbers, voice calling (VoIP), messaging (SMS), and bulk messaging, porting with current numbers, etc. This is accessible to all the users of Oorwin across Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

Text Recruiting ATS

By allowing sales reps, recruiters and HR managers to make calls or send messages right from the CRM, ATS or HRMS, Oorwin instantly empowers your sales team to close more deals, recruiters to hire more candidates and HR admins to improve employee engagement. 

It just takes minutes to get started and here’s how!


Setting up in-app voice calling, messaging

If you want to use our in-app voice calling and messaging for India, just let us know your specifics like the budget for voice calls (VoIP) and messages (SMS) along with the number of phone numbers and recruiting managers. We will update the details on Oorwin and let you know once the setup is done. 

ATS, Text Recruiting, VoIP, Integrated solution

Your admins can then activate the integration by heading to ‘VoIP Integrations’ in the settings menu and selecting VoxValley. They just need to enter recruiter names, select phone numbers and update the usernames and passwords.

That’s it. You can now make calls and send messages right from your ATS, CRM or HRMS!


In-app calling (VoIP)

Say goodbye to using the office landline or a personal phone to make calls and go through tedious paperwork for reimbursement.

ATS, Text Recruiting, VoIP, Integrated solution

Oorwin’s latest VoIP integration offers hassle-free voice calls across India right from the CRM, ATS or HRMS. The integration also lets you assign multiple recruiters to a single number or multiple numbers based on your business needs. Even better, the application also has multiple reports with metrics that can help gauge the efficiency of sales reps, recruiters or HR Managers.

Sales reps can now connect with prospects, recruiters can engage with candidates and HR managers can interact with employees all through Oorwin without having to switch devices or applications.

That’s not all, you can also port the VoIP with your current phone numbers for US, India and Singapore. Can it get better?


SMS & bulk messaging

You can now send text messages or SMS across India right from the Oorwin platform. 

Text Recruiting ATS

For instance, your recruiters or HR admins can create recipient lists and share contact details, candidate details, job details or any other information with multiple recipients simultaneously.

You can pick the messages from Oorwin’s templates also create new templates with customizable placeholders for fields like jobs, candidate name, etc.

Text messaging as easy as it can be.


Reports and security

With timely reports on the number of calls made and their durations, Oorwin lets the management easily track all the communications at the organization and take appropriate actions to improve productivity. 

Oorwin offers completely secure and safe communication with voice and data encryption to ensure maximum security, privacy and protection for your business, your employees and your customers.


Upcoming features

Oorwin is currently working closely with VoxValley to bring a host of even more amazing features. We are looking to provide features like a chat interface for internal communication along with video calls and conferencing.


Why Oorwin?

Oorwin now delivers seamless in-app voice calling and messaging across multiple geographies including US, Singapore and India right from our ATS, CRM or HRMS thanks to our integrations with multiple global text messaging and VoIP calling services. Users can now do all the calling and messaging tasks without having to switch devices or interfaces.


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