Boost Sales & Recruiter productivity with Oorwin plugins

With Oorwin plugins, you can carry out all your sales, recruitment and HR activities right from the convenience of your inbox, browser or mobile email apps

In the fast-paced staffing business, every second saved adds value to your business.

As most sales teams, recruiters and HR managers spend a considerable amount of time checking or responding to emails, they can save this time by accessing CRM, ATS and HRMS functionalities directly from their inbox or browser.


Oorwin has plugins for Chrome, Gmail, Office 365 and Outlook which are designed to help save time and do more without having to switch between different applications.

Sales from your inbox or browser

Oorwin plugins offer all the functionalities of a fully-loaded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) right from your inbox or browser.

You can easily add and update account, contact or client details with the click of a button with dynamic, intelligent updation of submission fields directly from your mail content. 

It gets even better! Oorwin also offers AI-powered insights like instant and accurate lead scoring and data-backed deal closure probabilities right in your inbox.

You can also send out Hot List emails with just a single click from your inbox or browser.

Recruitment made easy

You can now turn your inbox or browser into a feature-packed Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with Oorwin plugins.

These handy plugins let you add jobs, automatically parse jobs from emails, share and publish jobs from your inbox or browser.

You can also make submissions, set up interviews, and track candidate progress without the hassle of juggling between multiple screens and applications.

The process not just gets simplified and automated but also enhanced with an AI boost with insights like suitability of bench resources for any job, matching profiles and similar job submissions.

Overall, with Oorwin plugins you will reduce recruitment process time from hours to mere seconds and all through the comfort of systems that you are most accustomed to.

Convenient HR management

With Oorwin plugins, you can easily manage all your employees and carry out all the functions of a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) from your inbox or browser.

Automatically update documents on your HRMS right from your inbox or browser. 

Track employee performance, manage leaves and holidays, generate invoices and execute payments without multiple sign-ins and sign-outs.

Mobile compatibility

Oorwin plugins are also mobile compatible and are guaranteed to increase productivity by helping you carry out sales, recruitment and HR processes from anywhere, anytime through the comfort of your phone!

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