Top 10 ATS Features Every Recruiter Needs in 2021

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Recruitment has always been a key aspect of any industry—staffing or beyond. With remote work being the new normal in 2021, new technologies have come to the forefront more than ever in helping businesses adapt and grow. Hence, comes the need for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that every recruiter needs to automate their work, speed up hiring, and increase quality of hires. So, let us understand the top 10 ATS features every recruiter needs in 2021.

10 ATS Features every Recruiter needs in 2021Applicant Tracking System - ATS Features - Oorwin

Powerful candidate search

The primary goal of any ATS is to ensure the job-candidate match is accurate as per the set criteria and filters. This is where most of the manual intervention happens and a good ATS can automate the process along with insights. It should have the capability to match, rank and also show similar submissions.

Job boards access

It is important for an ATS to be integrated with Job boards to make the recruitment process seamless and complete. What also becomes important is access to paid and free job boards alike which can further decrease the hassles of multiple logins for recruiters while posting or reviewing jobs.

Mobile app 

Work from anywhere is now translating to having flexibility to work from the comfort of mobile phones. It becomes important to not just have a great SaaS platform but also an equally competent mobile application for both iOS and android.


As much as one would love all-in-one platforms or softwares, there is also a resistance to let go of familiar systems like mailboxes, browsers etc. Keeping this in mind, some ATSs also offer plugins for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, LinkedIn etc so that recruiters can work with the comfort of their systems.

Bench management tools

Bench management is a challenge for any seasoned hiring manager and a good ATS is one that can help resolve that. Some features that an ATS can offer to make bench management more efficient are hotlists, automated search bots to find jobs for bench candidates, etc.

Omni-channel communication

Communication is key in any profession and more so in a recruiter’s life. It becomes very tedious to keep switching tabs, applications and devices to communicate for a certain activity. Hence, an effective ATS should offer omni-channel communication like calls, text messages, emails, mass mails etc. directly from the platform.

Employee referral

Sometimes the best hiring happens through word-of-mouth and hence it is very important for an ATS to have an in-built referral system to track referrals and also incentive employees to refer and reward accordingly.

Flexible workflows

No size fits all and no software is cut out for all businesses. It is hence imperative that an ATS should allow flexibility and customization in creating workflows, designing roles and also providing access controls. It will only then be a useful and cutout offering for any business.

Analytics and dashboards

Productivity tracking is a challenge that is throttling across industries and it becomes all the more prominent in a remote work landscape. It is thus the need of the hour to have the right metrics to track the performance through reports and dashboards in an ATS. The best ATS solutions are those that offer in-built reports, scheduled reports and also the flexibility to make custom reports.


No software can be a one-stop solution for all business processes so it becomes crucial that an ATS should have the flexibility to integrate with other systems and software so that work flow remains seamless across teams in the organization.

So which ATS is the best for you?

While there are multiple offerings available in the market with few or most of these features, one that really caught my attention was Oorwin. Oorwin has been consistently ranked as ‘Leader’ across multiple product review sites like G2, Software Suggest, Capterra etc and ticks off every single feature in the above list.

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